There’s just something about Filipino food that’s both exciting and comforting at the same time. Maybe it’s because of the familiarity lutong-bahay meals bring, along with the fact that our rich culture and history is reflected in our cuisine: Malay, Spanish, Chinese, and even American influences meld together in our unique dishes.
Another thing that makes our food so distinct is our produce—mangoes don’t grow to be as sweet anywhere else in the world, and our country has such a wealth of coconuts that they’re found in everything from ulam to dessert. Perhaps, this is why more and more local snack brands have been coming out with snacks made from ingredients found in the Philippines, and they’re AMAZING! We had four Filipino food lovers try them out to see if they met their standards. Watch the video above for their honest takes, and scroll through to check out the snacks!

1. Whisk Okra Chips (40g), P140
WHAT IT IS: These chips are made with vacuum-fried okra, which retain their natural form (with the seeds inside and everything!). These all-natural, vegan snacks are also free of artificial sugars and have a low glycemic index, making them a great option for people with insulin resistance (like diabetics and people with PCOS).

OUR VERDICT: Even Danna and Nina, who aren’t fans of the local vegetable, enjoyed these crunchy snacks. Apparently, these “chips” taste very much like fresh okra, only with a crispy texture.

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2. Pik-A-Pikel Original Pickled Mangoes (350g), P200
WHAT IT IS: Our national fruit truly is the superior fruit. Made with fresh green Philippine mangoes, salt, sugar, and peppercorn, the pickled snack is salty, sour, and sweet - a blend that’s beloved in Philippine cuisine. It’s also high in fiber, which is great for your digestive system!

OUR VERDICT: Surprisingly crunchy and juicy all at once, everyone says that you wouldn’t be able to tell these came from a pack if they were served to you with rice and ulam (lechon kawali, anyone?). Joe thinks these would go great with bagoong, while Nina can imagine them chopped into ensaladang mangga.

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3. B&C Healthy Snack Coco Chews (40g), P60

WHAT IT IS: Often found in kakanin (traditional Filipino desserts), coconut is also surprisingly tasty in gummy form. Perfect for after dinner, when you want something a little sweet but are too full to go for a whole dessert dish.

OUR VERDICT: These Coco Chews are subtly sweet and very mild in taste. The overall opinion is that the gummy-like bite sized pieces of coconut are addicting to munch on! Maia thinks they’d be great as pasalubong.

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4. Hummingbird Banana Langka Spread (150g), P230
WHAT IT IS: The banana-langka power combo is familiar to Pinoy taste buds because of its presence in the iconic Filipino merienda, turon. Hummingbird thought to make it into a jam, which is pure genius. It’s artisanally-crafted and made using only whole fruit, with no added syrups, concentrates or fruit preserves. It’s also completely free of artificial flavor and color.

OUR VERDICT: This jam-like spread has sublime langka blending perfectly with the banana. Danna and Maia think that the langka flavor comes off powerfully, but they enjoyed it despite admittedly not really liking langka as a fruit. It also reminded our taste-testers of turon! Try it with crackers, bread, or even with actual turon itself!

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