We’ve always thought that “Pearl of the Orient” was an apt sobriquet for our nation—not only because of the beauty of the Philippines, but also because of the uniqueness and creativity of the Filipinos. In celebration of National Heroes Day, here are over 50 homegrown beauty brands that will make you proud to be Pinoy.

Why we love it: Its assortment of makeup brushes is so impressive, it rivals those of Morphe and Real Techniques! Our money’s on this local label to become a blogger hit.
What it’s known for: 15-Piece Luxe Brush Set
Why we love it: This local start-up is one of the newest additions to our assortment, but it already has us amped for the future of Filipina skin. Aesthetique’s hero product, a handheld exfoliating vacuum for the face, buffs away dead skin cells effectively but very, very gently. No more flaking, no more ingrowns, no more roughness!
What it’s known for: Microdermabrasion Device
Why we love it: Don’t let the “junkies” bit fool you—Bath Junkies makes natural bath and body treats with zero toxic ingredients. Addiction is inevitable, though, once you try their mild skin lotions and charming, aromatic beauty bars.
What it’s known for: All the Groovy Bath Bars
Why we love it: This All-Pinoy label purveys quality handmade soaps, bath and body products, hair care, and even pet care. Its natural and organic formulas guarantee safe skincare that’s affordable, to boot!
What it’s known for: Argan + Shea Scar Butter, Argan Oil Foaming Face Wash, Emu Skin Perfecting Cream
Why we love it: Your mane has met its match with this coast-inspired hair care line. Its hero product is a budget-friendly substitute for designer sea salt sprays, crafted with 100% natural food-grade ingredients. Blake Lively babe hair, here we come!
What it’s known for: Sea Salt Spray
Why we love it: Look no further than Beauty Bakery for luscious body butters, deliciously sweet sprays, and yummy whipped lotions. Their all-natural goodies are free from parabens and preservatives—made fresh just for you!
What it’s known for: Decadent Body Scrub, Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist
Why we love it: As the in-house skincare label of one of Asia’s premier beauty centers, Beverly Hills 6750 makes it their business to give you medical-grade products for younger-looking, flawlessly fair skin.
What it’s known for: Blanc Naturelle Plus Natural Dietary Supplement
Why we love it: Whether you seek a cleansing shampoo, softening conditioner, or shine-boosting spray, each Black Beauty bottle boasts of a hair-thickening formula. Bid your limp, flat, and thin locks farewell!
What it’s known for: Hot Oil with Vitamin E, 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner
Why we love it: Every product is safe for sensitive pelts! Moms, babies, and any girl of delicate skin will be pampered and protected with Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets.
What it’s known for: All its 100% natural soaps and the all-in-one White Salve
Why we love it: Soothing aromatherapy and gentle cleansing combine in this collection of Pinoy-made castile soaps. Each bottle of luxurious liquid soap is made of one or more sought-after beauty oils: Spanish olive, rice bran, palm, or virgin coconut. And that makes for a scrum-diddly-yumptious bathing experience.
What it’s known for: Unscented Cleansing Castile Soap, Peppermint Moisturizing Castile Soap, Coffee Dark Castile Soap
Why we love it: Formerly known as Skin Candy, this Filipino fragrance purveyor concocts scents that are good enough to eat. The charming, vintage-inspired packaging doesn’t hurt either.
What it’s known for: Sweet Orange Eau de Toilette, Country Fields Eau de Toilette, Geisha Potion Eau de Toilette
Why we love it: “Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin”—that’s Céleteque’s motto, and we wholeheartedly agree. After you get over the fact that this global-level skincare brand is Filipino (not French!), you’re welcome to explore its six different sub-brands: Hydration, Acne Solutions, Sun Care, Brightening, Advanced Anti-Aging, and Hair and Scalp Care.
What it’s known for: Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel, Brightening Tri-Benefit Power Cream
Why we love it: If you want the finish and precision of professional-grade makeup but can’t shell out the funds for designer tools, we’ve got the answer! Clover Collection has a wide array of makeup brushes to help you create the #FOTD you crave—from basic powder brushes to pointed highlighting wands.
What it’s known for: Large Powder Brush, Flat Buffer Brush, Blush Brush
Why we love it: Besides the adorable name, this purveyor of odor-canceling sprays instantly won our hearts with its sheer practicality. Its all-natural “pre-poo” formulas are great for whenever (and wherever) you “go.” Gets?
What it’s known for: Pre-Poo Sprays in Vanilla, Grapefruit, and Mint
Why we love it: DETAIL’s edgy cosmetics would make any girl exude confidence—especially since the stuff is so affordable! The brand doles out useful makeup basics, and its signature lipsticks come in a spectrum to die for. Have we mentioned they’re all cruelty-free?
What it’s known for: Matte in Detail Liquid Lipstick, MakeBrow Eyebrow Palette
Why we love it: Easy—because Ellana single-handedly proved that Filipinos make excellent non-comedogenic makeup. If you have sensitive skin, give its bestselling mineral powders a whirl. You’ll feel the difference.
What it’s known for: Intensive Mineral Foundation with Jar, Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub
Why we love it: You know skincare is legit when it comes straight from a derma clinic. Flawless products guarantee results without putting your skin at risk for breakouts! Its debut item on BeautyMNL, a hydrating SPF spray, should be the perfect entry point into the rest of its offerings.
What it’s known for: Flawless Skin Protect Mist
Why we love it: Arguably the most comprehensive (and certainly the most creative) nail polish brand in the PH, Girlstuff turns to pop culture, the Billboard charts, and top Filipino bloggers for inspo.
What it’s known for: Matte Magic, 24K, Zenith
Why we love it: Glambox goodies give you that lightweight, poreless finish you can usually only achieve with airbrush makeup. Ready for your closeup?
What it’s known for: High Definition Finishing Powder, Starter Airbrush Kit
Why we love it: Plagued by bumps, rough patches, or backne? You’ll love a jarful of these antioxidant-rich natural body scrubs. No preservatives!
What it’s known for: Decadent Coffee & Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Pamper Me! Sugar Scrub
Why we love it: We first learned of Kala Milk last year, when they were still called Kala Milk Soap. In the early days, their assortment consisted solely of beauty bars infused with fresh carabao milk from Baliuag, Bulacan. Since then, the brand has added body care to its roster, opening itself up to a whole new audience.
What it’s known for: Kala Milk Soap, Kala Milk Lotion
Why we love it: Namesake Krist, pronounced “Christ,” is a makeup artist to the stars. Who better to take your beauty brush advice from?
What it’s known for: Premium 10 Piece Brush Set
Why we love it: For times when your skin is stressed beyond belief, this baby-safe brand has the ultimate solution: top-to-toe wash. Suitable for both kids and adults, the Wonder Wash even helps with eczema!
What it’s known for: Wonder Wash (available in 60ml and 120ml)
Why we love it: Laverne’s innovative hero product is also its namesake—a laboratory-tested spray that works as a makeup sanitizer and brush cleaner at once. This spray gets your makeup and makeup tools sanitary immediately before use. It can be spritzed on lipstick, liner, powder, palettes, and brushes to kill 99.9% of bacteria (the product dries in moments, so you can go on with your life). Yowza!
What it’s known for: Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer, available in 150ml and 60ml
Why we love it: New on our local radar, Leiania boasts of biodegradable, herbal, and botanical formulas that make each product truly unique. The brand is concentrated mostly on skincare (its Himalayan pink salt scrubs are a favorite), but dabbling in makeup has served it just as well (read: organic lipstick!).
What it’s known for: The Soothing Himalayas Body Scrub, Butter Lip Therapy, TeaFresh Organic Face Oil Blotting Paper
Why we love it: Leyende, derived from the word “legend,” offers eco-friendly and organic products with ECOCERT certified ingredients, all sourced from local farms and enterprises. Translation: this legend’s legit.
What it’s known for: Kiss Kiss Balm Balm Lip Balm, Cool Hand Soup Sanitizer
Why we love it: Although Lumiere was born and bred in the PH, all its ingredients are imported from Europe and America—herbal extracts, rich botanical oils, clays from the earth and sea, you name it.
What it’s known for: Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil, 24K Gold Facial Soap with Gooseberry & Collagen
Why we love it: Made By David woos you not only with its organic promise, but also with loving craftsmanship and the sweetest indulgences for hair and skin.
What it’s known for: Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo, Organic Green Tea & Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer
Why we love it: The brainchild of a US-based Filipina, this skincare line uses Philippine oils like pili and moringa to refine the science of skin. Healthy pelts, natural botanicals, and Pinoy pride in one bottle? Yes, please.
What it’s known for: Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer, Dynamic Lifting Serum
Why we love it: Philippa soaps create a soothing spa experience in your own bathroom. Cold-pressed to artisanal perfection, each bar is made with fine coconut oil and scented with lovely things like lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Yum!
What it’s known for: Philippa Luxe Box of 3 Soaps: Luscious Set, Uplifting Set, Balancing Set, Relaxing Set
31. PILI
Why we love it: It won’t surprise you that the heart of this relatively new label is pili oil, a byproduct of the Bicolano pili tree. Highly acclaimed as an anti-aging elixir for its firming and hydrating effects, this 100% natural oil is worked into every PILI product for a touch of TLC.
What it’s known for: Pili Hand & Body Lotion, Elemie Crystal Deodorant, Pili Lipstick
Why we love it: This is the buzziest local makeup brand we’ve encountered since the launch of Happy Skin in 2013. Pink Sugar made a splash in October of last year when it debuted its matte lipsticks, dual-purpose tints, and gorgeous blushers, among other cosmetics that have since become mainstays in our kikay kits. More makeup in 2016, please!
What it’s known for: Creamy Matte Lipstick, Lip & Cheek Tint, Our Lil’ Secret Concealer
Why we love it: When Lucy Torres-Gomez recommended the Trecurase Kit as a cure-all for acne, we were intrigued. And Promise’s Filipina-centric skincare doesn’t stop there! The brand also offers brightening and anti-aging potions to help you stay beautiful every day. Promise.
What it’s known for: Trecurase Kit, Everyday Beautiful Kit
Why we love it: Fairytale fragrances (they look like love potions) and fuss-free, roll-on packaging = ice breaker gold. (Also, the most interesting brand name in the world goes to…)
What it’s known for: Mermaid, Gypsy, Promise Ring
Why we love it: Each bottle of Scents of Style is a bottle of personality. Take your pick from an array of scintillating infusions marked by vibrant floral bouquets and clean, contemporary aromatics.
What it’s known for: Ginger & Nutmeg Parfum, White Jasmine Parfum
Why we love it: Like the label suggests, this home and hygiene brand is p-r-e-t-t-y chic. Each scented wash and spray shares the same sleek, minimalist mood while somehow staying approachable. We love the naming system, too: sometimes a girl wants to be a Classic Audrey, other times a Royal Diana!
What it’s known for: Smell Chic Linen Spray, Smell Chic Hand Sanitizer
Why we love it: You get nothing but the best artisanal bath and body products from this brand. Its speciality? One hundred percent pure olive oil Castile soaps that turn into an instant addiction.
What it’s known for: Artisanal Castile Soaps, both liquid and bar
Why we love it: Designed by a Filipina using meticulous Japanese techniques, Soffia brushes deliver the kind of makeup application that can only be described as decadent. The secret: a blend of luxury synthetic hair and top-of-the-line goat hair, which feels extra soft when the bristles sweep across your skin.
What it’s known for: Opulence Perfect Skin Foundation Brush, Opulence Blending Brush
Why we love it: Sister label to Girlstuff, Solique (pronounced so-leek) offers an approach to gel color we simply can’t resist. You do it at home, by yourself, by simply combining a Gel Color with the Gel Topcoat. Once this combo is activated by the sun, you’re set for a couple weeks.
What it’s known for: UV-Glow Top Coat, Manila Girl, Love Me Like You Do\

Why we love it: It’s budget-friendly, bountiful, and basically an oasis for beauty junkies, young and old. Who wouldn’t give in to the temptation of this sooper-dooper collection?
What it’s known for: So Matte Lipstick, Wonder Cream, Pimple-Away Day Cream and Night Cream
41. SOS
Why we love it: We were lucky enough to speak with Solenn Heussaff, the muse and co-perfumer of SOS, at the launch event back in February. Needless to say, we were instantly sold on the creativity behind this new fragrance brand. Look, you can even take a quiz to determine which scent suits your style: Sunrise, Sunset, or Sunshine!
What it’s known for: SOS Sunrise EDT, SOS Sunrise Perfumed Body Cream
Why we love it: While most purveyors strive to improve your looks with tweaks and tricks, this soulful seller works with what you’ve got. Its focus is on completely natural, no-makeup makeup, which we totally love. Not only for the ease, mind you, but also for the boost in self-esteem!
What it’s known for: Spot Me Clear! Light Cream, Fair Me Up! Light Cream 43. STYLISTA HAIR ESSENTIALS
Why we love it: With gnarl-busting brushes like these, there’s no need to feel depressed when your budget won’t cover a Tangle Teezer. Oh, and Stylista carries extensions now, too!
What it’s known for: Tangle Me Out Brush
Why we love it: Suesh offers seriously-on-trend products fit for beauty professionals—but don’t worry, they’re still no-brainers for amateurs. Established by sisters with a passion for beauty, the brand boasts of customizable makeup palettes, brush kits, vanity mirrors, and more tools of the trade.
What it’s known for: Personal Pro 16-Piece Makeup Brush Set, Concealer & Corrector Pots
45. SWAN
Why we love it: We feel lucky to be living in a time when our sponge stashes are as diverse as our shoe closets. Swan’s got everything from blueberry-shaped beauty blenders to buffing sponges for the bath.
What it’s known for: Facial Konjac Puff Sponge, Blueberries Stippling Blender
Why we love it: Scrub-a-dub-dub! Sweet Solutions’ sugar waxes are the new “It” waxes! These environmentally-friendly, professional-grade sugar treatments are free from parabens, dyes, resins, silicones, and fragrances.
What it’s known for: Cold Sugar Wax, Timeless Earth Masque
Why we love it: Developed by a chemical engineer, these delectable and collectable skin products not only make wonderful gifts—they’ll also work wonders on your pelt. Who knew apples could minimize pores?
What it’s known for: Apple Pore Minimizer Toner, Whitening Carrot + Papaya Cleanser, Tomato DD Day Cream
Why we love it: These quirky little soaps are fashioned after desserts, scented like a patisserie, and oh-so-giftable.
What it’s known for: Sweet Gelato Trio Cup, Gummy Bear Soap Duo, Sea Shell Soap Set
Why we love it: From the same folks who brought you 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil comes The Souq Naturals—yes, girl, The Souq is local! Expect even more magic skin elixirs to come hurtling your way.
What it’s known for: Really Good Hair Oil, Castile Moisturizing Shower Gel
50. V&M Naturals
Why we love it: V&M (short for Venus & Mars) swears by 100 percent pure recipes, premium herbs, and miracle oils. Take note, this is the brand that first brought the emu oil buzz to our attention.
What it’s known for: Poppy Plush Soap, Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil, Bare It All Cream
51. VMV Hypoallergenics
Why we love it: This runaway hit of a beauty brand is the only Philippine-bred label with a rating system for a product’s safety based on the number of allergens it does NOT contain. Here’s more stuff that make it awesome: VMV’s entire range is free from fragrances, dyes, phthalates, parabens, preservatives, coca-surfactants, SLES, and SLS, plus, every product is non-comedogenic, non-drying, pH-adjusted, and suitable for all skin types. Oh, yeah.
What it’s known for: Armada Face Cover 30, The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm, Kid Gloves Monolaurin Moisturizing “Anti-Micro-Bug” Hand Gel
Why we love it: All your refill-hoarding has not been in vain! Place your stray makeup pans in one of these nifty palettes, and they’ll save you space and much searching time.
What it’s known for: Personal Palette, Professional Palette
Why we love it: Oh, honey, honey! Ysabel’s Daughter concocts delicious bath and body recipes from antioxidant-rich honey. And because these babies are all-natural, you can bet your bottom peso that they’re compatible with the chemistry of your skin.
What it’s known for: Positively Ageless Olive Lotion, Peppermint Moringa Body Wash 54. ZEEP LINE
Why we love it: Ever heard of power soaps? Zeep Line makes nothing but. These 100 percent all-natural beauty bars energize and protect your skin with nature’s ingredients. Have we mentioned how they keep you squeaky clean, too?
What it’s known for: Pure Glycerin Soaps with Eucalyptus Oil, Strawberry Seed Oil, Coffee Bean Oil
Why we love it: What all-natural-addict isn’t? Zenutrients is the mecca for Manila organic buffs. When in doubt, turn to Zen’s den of handcrafted, all-natural, non-allergenic beauty products, especially if your skin is easily-triggered.
What it’s known for: Gugo Strengthening Shampoo, Solid VCO All-Natural All-Around Balm, Muscle Mend Spray Oil