By now, you’ve likely heard of feng shui or know someone who’s applied its principles to their lives. But for those of us who aren’t familiar, feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Chinese art of promoting good energy flow, or chi, in your home.
This may not be a top priority for you, but many believe harmonizing your surroundings can impact your love life, career, and overall sense of calm. So, in the spirit of the Lunar New Year, BeautyMNL turned to the experts of Know Feng Shui, where we gathered some quick tips. Here are our favorite 5, just in time for ushering in the Year of the Pig. Now, prepare to get lucky!

1. Clear out your clutter.
According to Know Feng Shui, it’s important to “start with a clean and orderly home first.” A clean space helps create positive flow while a cluttered one disrupts it, creating negative energy. Keep your hoarding a secret by tucking away various odds and ends in organizers with lots of compartments.

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2. Use warm-toned lights.
Fire element decor, like Himalayan salt lamps and candles, are said to detract negativity. Know Feng Shui shares that they’re most effective most when either is stationed in the south of your home. This will help ward off bad vibes, as well as inspire a sense of restful calm among individuals.

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3. Harness the power of crystals.
Know Feng Shui shares that one should “limit the presence of crystals” in the southeast area of the home. However, one can harness their powerful energy when placed in the east. This will help strengthen the wood element in your home, which is responsible for keeping dwellers within it happy and centered.

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4. Bring nature indoors.
Plants help purify the air, absorbing toxins and negative ions admitted by electrical appliances. For this reason, they would be a good addition anywhere in the home. But Know Feng Shui says one will benefit most from them when placed in the east, as this is connected to the “energy of health and family.”

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5. Keep water flowing.
According to classic feng shui practices, water is associated with wealth and prosperity. To keep your cash flowing, Know Feng Shui suggests placing water element decor in the southeast of your home. A fountain is ideal as it keeps water running, but we think a humidifier works just as well.

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