Wearing all-white is a terrifying prospect. Considering my track record, I’m a magnet for sartorial disaster. Food finds its way from utensils to my clothes. Toothpaste foam dribbles to my shirt when I brush my teeth. And thanks to years spent wearing blouses with giant stain-proof plaid collars in an all-girls school, I’ve developed the habit of wiping snot and tears on my clothes.

Yet as I enter my 30s, I find myself saying yes to things that aren’t “on-brand.” My 20s showed me that I don’t learn when I don’t make mistakes. It’s not like I actively look for opportunities to fail, but I relish fish-out-of-water situations. Wearing white has so much potential for disaster, but the story potential is irresistible. Here’s what happened!


Let’s ease into this experiment carefully. We didn’t go full-on white. I had this cream, cape-like blouse paired with polka-dot pants. I decided to wear this to my sister’s birthday dinner at my mom’s house, where the grandeur of pattern and movement will jive with the tita surroundings. And tita is what I felt.

The cape blouse made me feel like an account executive ready to deliver an exciting presentation. My mom pointed to my polka-dot pants and said, “You look rich!”

I don’t know if she was alluding to the practice of wearing polka dots on New Year’s to attract money, but I took it. Armed with all that confidence, I was able to feast on bagnet, Vigan longanisa, pinakbet, and lumpia (it was an Ilocano themed night) with aplomb.

And to my surprise, I made no mess! Is embracing my inner tita the secret to avoiding stains in my outfits?

I’m wearing the Mode de Vie Diana Top, P1,380 and So Kate! Adrianna Square Pants), P956 (limited time only). Shop it here and here.


Do you know the movie The English Patient? It’s one of my husband’s favorite movies! It’s set in World War II in North Africa during the Italian Campaign. It’s long, dramatic, and I fall asleep every time I watch it.

I bring it up though because it’s a mood. I like to channel Kristin Scott Thomas in the desert if I want to look elegant in searing hot weather. That’s exactly what I felt like when I donned this button-up dress.

I wore it to a client meeting and the silhouette can’t be beat. It felt feminine, utilitarian, and fresh. I also believe I would still look stunning if I survived a plane crash in this dress.

I’m wearing the Revival the Label Celeste Dress in Cream, P1,480 (limited time only). Shop it here.


This is the day when I actually wore head-to-toe fluorescent white. First things first: I had to make sure that I wore nude underwear for this. The top was innocuous enough, but it was the pants that stumped me. Did it want to be a skirt or pants? It wanted to be both, so from here I’m calling them skants.

The skants made me feel like I was going to perform a song and dance number—all I needed was some fringe. I’m sure this all-white palette would look fabulous on someone else, but my mind kept racing to weird references and memories in my life. On the bright side (see what I did there), I also didn’t make a mess with this ensemble. Could it be that I’m less clumsy when I imagine myself as a groovy back-up dancer?

I’m wearing the Tamara Winona Top, P600, and Mode de Vie Taylor Pants in White, P1,580. Shop it here and here.


I just introduced you to skants. May I introduce you to the skirt-top? Sktop?

It was a miracle that I was able to squeeze into this little tube top. It was also a miracle that I found a high enough high-waist bottom that could cover my torso with this top.

This top feels like it’s an entity of its own and I felt like couldn’t do it justice because I didn’t have enough pretty and dainty things to pair it with. I don’t have cute shoes, cute accessories, or a cute lifestyle. I deliver my sincerest apologies to you, sktop. You deserve to live your best life with another lady who maybe can pair you with pearl barrettes and satin bell bottoms. Sktop, you deserve to be at a cocktail party, lounging by the pool! Not with me, who was on the way to the neighborhood Indian restaurant for some butter chicken.

I’m wearing the Patricia Syquiatco Nate Top in Ivory, P1,200. Shop it here.


Overall I really liked this experiment! When you step out in all-white, you’re instantly making a statement to the world. It’s also an attitude that will keep you together if you’re prone to accidents with your clothing. I can’t wait to do this more often especially as the weather gets hotter and even more humid.

Some things to keep in mind when you venture forth in your white ensembles: make sure you have neutral underthings (white underwear under white clothing is a no-no), get familiar with the various shades of white, and choose accordingly, and it never hurts to have a Tide Pen with you.

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