Fact: you don’t have to belong to the Titas of Manila demographic to get started on anti-aging. In fact, the earlier, the better. You’ll thank us whenever you look in the mirror and find things in tiptop shape, year after year.

But who said creams and serums were the only solution? When you want to go deeper than skincare, these age-fighting eats should be right up your alley!
1. Tomatoes. Bite into a red tomato on the regular to firm up sagging skin. These juicy jewels are packed with Vitamin C, which pumps up your body’s natural production of collagen. Tomatoes are also rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps improve the circulation of oxygen to the skin.
2. Yogurt. A daily serving of this tart treat gives your skin the amount of protein it needs to resist creasing. To pave away wrinkles, have yogurt for merienda or dessert every single day.
3. Pomegranates. A pomegranate a day keeps sallowness at bay! Whether you prefer to eat or drink your poms, these beautiful pink-red fruits help your body fight free radicals that cause skin to appear dull and lifeless. You can also minimize fine lines by rubbing the fruit all over your face!

Still sallow? This should do the trick in just seven days.
4. Bell Peppers. Already spying crow’s feet? Yellow and green bell peppers have been proven to reduce wrinkles all over, particularly those in the corners of your eyes. These vibrant veggies are loaded with carotenoids, potent antioxidants that shield against skin-creasing sun damage.
5. Olive Oil. This gourmet staple drips with monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenol antioxidants that combat free radicals. And here’s the layman’s version of that scientific mouthful: olive oil makes your skin look younger, and it’s great for your figure!
6. Kiwi. The overwhelming amount of Vitamin C found in exotic kiwi diminishes lines, boosts moisture, and tightens mature skin—all by encouraging collagen.
7. Pumpkin. Who knew Halloween’s favorite veg could lead to a youthful visage? Pumpkin boasts of intense beta-carotene content, which helps skin cells regenerate, which in turns sloughs off dead skin cells, so your complexion looks as soft, smooth, and crease-free as a hotel pillow.
8. Walnuts. Elastosis is a common sign of skin-aging that manifests in droopy, leathery skin. To help your pelt bounce back, load up on walnuts. High in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which boost skin elasticity, these nuts also contain copper, which improves collagen production.

Not a walnut fan? Try this if you’re struggling with elastosis.
9. Soy. Calling all tofu-holics! Studies have shown that the isoflavone in soy helps prevent sagging, deep lines, and coarseness. Why? Because like so many of the items on this list, it boosts the collagen occurring naturally in your body and prevents it from breaking down.
10. Rosemary. If rosemary is a staple in your weekly Italian dinner, this will come as great news. This fragrant herb is a mini mecca for antioxidants, which, as you know, help increase the skin’s resistance against the damaging sun exposure. That’s not to say that rosemary is a substitute for topical SPF—it’s definitely not!—but it does help your skin stay wrinkle-free and sunspot-less for longer.