There are two things K-drama stars have that we want: clear skin and a V-shaped face. Now, we’re sure your day and night routines have got the first part covered. But the second is a little more complicated. Slimming down your face calls for more than a 10-step skin routine. And by that we mean an eleventh step: face-rolling.
Face-rolling is basically a tightening, lifting massage for the face. It involves rolling a handheld rotating skincare tool all over your face and neck, focusing particularly on your chin, jaw, and cheek area. Similar to how ab exercises tighten your midsection, regular face-rolling can slim down your visage. And this, ladies, is where Banila Co.’s face-rolling regimen comes in.
This regimen is supported by two sets: the Zero Whitening Set (which we are demo-ing today!) and the All Day Whitening Set (which you can learn about here). So let’s talk about the Zero Whitening Set. It’s named so because it contains one tub of the cult-fave Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm as well as one jar of White Wedding Sleeping Essence. But the real star of the set is the cooling metal face roller, your key to achieving a V-shaped face.
Featuring two rollerball tips, this tool glides across your skin without causing friction. But what might seem like a simple device actually packs a doozy of benefits. Beyond the lifting effect, it also reduces bloating, relaxes your facial muscles, smoothens out wrinkles, and boosts blood circulation. Suffice it to say, you totally get your money’s worth.


This set is perfect for the evening, since Clean It Zero is a fabulous makeup remover.

STEP 1: Take a thumbnail-sized scoop of Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm.

STEP 2: Use circular motions to massage it over your entire face. The balm will melt into an oil upon contact with your skin.

STEP 3: Add water to your face until the oil emulsifies (it’ll turn milky). Then rinse off gently and thoroughly, until no makeup remains.

NOTE: For double-cleansing enthusiasts, you may follow up this step with your favorite cleanser.

Next, moisture! The White Wedding Sleeping Essence is a sleeping pack that keeps the skin hydrated and creates a smooth canvas for your face-roller later on.

STEP 4: Take a centavo-sized dollop of the White Wedding Sleeping Essence.

STEP 5: Dot it all over your face.

STEP 6: Massage the product into your skin using circular, upward motions.

STEP 7: Gently pat your face until the product has fully absorbed.

And now, the part we’ve all been waiting for—face-rolling!

STEP 8: Hold the face-roller upright, with the double ball tips resting against your face. Use a light grip to avoid applying too much pressure.

STEP 9: Gently sweep the roller across your skin. Start from your chin and move upwards.

STEP 10: Repeat the same movement across your jawline, until you’ve massaged your entire face.

Voilà, you just face-rolled! Done regularly, face-rolling has been known to firm and de-puff the face, producing that contoured “V-line” so coveted in the East. Let us know if it works for you!
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