It’s no question the Roarganics BGC Weight Loss Program is THE weight loss product to beat. Promising to help people lose up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks, it has won over widespread praise, thanks in large part to its effectivity.

Our team has witnessed its effects ourselves (Just look at this and this!). Which is probably why it’s near impossible to imagine a weight loss product better than the BGC Program. Until, that is, right now. Which brings us to Roarganics’ newest iteration of their No. 1 item:

Introducing the Roarganics BGC Blend, which is now on BeautyMNL!


If you like the original, then we’re positive you will love this new-and-improved version. Now in trial (18 servings) and regular (100 servings) packages, it joins Barley Grass Powder and Green Coffee Extract in one, which lessens the effort of the preparation.

The blend includes two new ingredients, too: Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Stevia. Garcinina Cambogia helps boost the metabolism, while Stevia naturally sweetens the blend without impacting blood sugar levels. Unlike the original BGC package, the latter eliminates the use of bananas. This is delicious on its own!

Basically, everything is pre-mixed and measured perfectly to intake, wherever, whenever you want. The only thing necessary? Plain water!


Luckily, the instructions are just as easy. Here’s exactly how to put together your own BGC beverage:


  • One tbsp. Roarganics BGC Blend
  • 8 oz. water


Just mix the Roarganics BGC Blend with water.


Intake after eating two to three bananas. You may intake again after two to three hours or when hungry.


Easy, right? While the Roarganics BGC Blend is excellent in theory, it brings us to wonder: is it just as effective as the original? We put it to the test! Two of our officemates, Tessa and Nisee, volunteered to undergo the program for two weeks.

Read on to hear about their experience with the new Roarganics BGC Weight Loss Blend, as told to BeautyMNL.


“Hi, I’m Tessa, and I spend most of my work days in front of a computer, and my weekends binge-watching my favorite TV shows on Netflix. I would say I’m quite slender, but my food consumption is definitely unhealthy. Which is why I saw the BGC diet as an opportunity to be healthier and more conscious of what I ate.

As per the instructions, I only ate one meal everyday, avoiding carbs, salt, and sugar. At first, it was difficult to keep on schedule of drinking the BGC smoothie every 4 to 5 hours. It was also a challenge to say no to friends and family when they offered food. But once you get used to the diet, it becomes easier. Plus, the smoothie actually tastes good—like a salad shake. Over just a week, I noticed my digestion improve as well as my self-control.

On my second week, I decided to include a short workout to my routine. I would eat two boiled eggs as protein before doing 30 minutes of cardio to give me enough energy. And just like that, after two weeks, I see that my tummy does look smaller. My weight also dropped from 111 to 105 lbs. It was amazing!

I would definitely recommend the BGC diet to those looking to shed unwanted pounds.”


“Hi, I’m Nisee! Although I try to keep active, you will find me in the office on weekdays, where I’m mostly working on the computer. When I heard about the BGC diet, I thought it was the perfect supplement to my workouts. Which is why I decided to try it out for two weeks.

During the diet, I replaced all my meals with the BGC blend except one, drinking a maximum of 3 times per day. I also practiced intermittent fasting—which helped keep the hunger pangs at bay and my energy up. I continued to follow the diet even on a trip to the States. This was challenging for me since I was on vacation, but I followed it the best I could, allowing for a few cheat meals here and there.

After two weeks of the BGC diet, I’m visibly thinner. I didn’t weigh myself on the scale, but my favorite pair of pants are so much looser than they were before. Despite having ‘cheated’ and not limiting my alcohol intake when I was on vacation, I’m surprised at the results I still got from the program. Would definitely recommend it!”

Now, tell us—will you try the new Roarganics BGC Weight Loss Blend yourself? Sound off, below!