SNAILWHITE hasn’t been with BeautyMNL for too long, but we already can’t imagine our beauty hauls without it. We’ve had our run with their soaps, body washes, and creams, and loved ‘em all—which is why we’re so excited about their latest drop: the Icy Mask.
Launching exclusively on BeautyMNL, it’s the first ever overnight facial mask from SNAILWHITE, and you get first dibs. Scroll for all the details and our glowing review!


Like everything else in SNAILWHITE’s lineup, their new Icy Mask makes use of the skin-plumping powers of snail. In its formulation, you’ll find collagen from snail secretion filtrate combined with French silene colorata flower, which can brighten skin, reduce redness and discoloration, and even shrink pores over time. If you’re looking to firm up a dull complexion, add this to your nighttime routine for ageless skin come morning.
The snow-like facial mask possesses all the qualities of a good sleeping pack: refreshing, mildly cooling, and ultra hydrating. Each packet is meant to be used up completely at once, ideally up to twice a week.
It’s also lightly scented with the signature SNAILWHITE scent (fresh as a flower!), so you’re bound to feel pampered. So, how exactly do you use the brand’s latest? Here’s a step-by-step routine so you can get to know this relaxing, soon-to-be sleep essential!


STEP 1. Dispense the product onto your fingers until the packet is empty. Apply it evenly over a properly cleansed and toned face.
STEP 2. Leave the mask on overnight.
STEP 3. Rinse off with warm water first thing in the morning. Follow up with the rest of your skincare routine. For best results, apply twice a week or as needed.


“The texture was creamy and a bit thick after I’ve layered it on, almost like sunblock. But once it set, I barely felt it on my face, though it did give off a subtle cooling sensation when I was in an air-conditioned room. When I woke up, all that was left was a dried up, thin, white layer of the mask. When I washed it off, I noticed that my skin was tighter and my redness was lessened. Even if I slept late, my under-eyes were pretty light and not puffy at all. The mask seemed to even out my skin tone overall.” —Tati


“This product is true to its words. It [does] give off that instant glow whenever you wake up in the morning. The scent of the product is very relaxing and the consistency ugh 100. The consistency of the product does not leave your skin feeling to oily or too dry. A little amount goes a long way for this product.” — Janna, 19, Oily Skin

“Once applied, this doesn’t feel heavy at all and won’t bother you when you lie down, about to sleep. Fast forward to when I wake up and washing this off, hello and good morning to glow indeed! My face definitely appeared brighter, my pores appeared smaller, and my face felt so smooth! Yes, it can be said that this product really is true to its claims. Yay! Also, somehow, the results make me feel more confident and I have the sudden urge to make awra! lol” — Cyan, 19, Sensitive Skin

“I bought this during our trip to Bangkok in January. I only tried it at home and I regretted not buying more! After wearing it overnight, I noticed my skin looked fresh and younger (I’m in my 30s). I’m not sure how many uses each sachet should be. But I usually am able to finish one sachet in 2 or 3 uses. One sachet is good for a week! I love it! I go to bed knowing I can see the results the next day. The smell relaxes me. Haha Thank you for bringing it here!” — Natasha, 37, Normal Skin

The SNAILWHITE Icy Mask will be exclusively available for purchase on BeautyMNL on June 18, 2019. Sign up for the waitlist here and here!

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