When it comes to weight loss, eating healthy is only a part of the equation. Portion size is plays an even bigger role. We often stuff ourselves with more food than we actually need, which leads to a calorie overload and a couple of pounds.

If you tend to eat more than you can chew, use this handy guide to keep your portion sizes in check. Those unnecessary pounds will slide right off. (I swear!)


THE AMOUNT: A cupped hand or 1 cup
NUTRITIONIST’S NOTE: Pick complex carbs over refined ones, like red rice or quinoa. This will help stave off hunger pangs for longer.

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THE AMOUNT: A palm or 3oz.
NUTRITIONIST’S NOTE: Choose lean meat or fish, and try to grill, broil, or bake your meats instead of frying them.


THE AMOUNT: A fist or 1/2 cup
NUTRITIONIST’S NOTE: Fill your plate with as many colorful veggies as possible. This will help keep your heart healthy and promote good digestion.


THE AMOUNT: 1 medium-sized fruit or 1 slice of a large fruit
NUTRITIONIST’S NOTE: Like veggies, eat a wide variety of fruits. This can help protect you from diseases such as stoke, diabetes, and cancer.


THE AMOUNT: A thumb or 2 teaspoons
NUTRITIONIST’S NOTE: Avoid fats that solidify in room temperature. These are usually bad fats. Instead, opt for healthier fats like coconut oil. You can also get your fat fix from nuts or even nut butters!

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THE AMOUNT: A thumb tip or 1 teaspoon
NUTRITIONIST’S NOTE: Watch out for hidden sugars in drinks and pastries. High sugar intake can put you at risk for obesity and diabetes.

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Ideally, this is what a healthy plate should look like: half veggies and half carbs and protein. Don’t forget your daily fruit intake, too!

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