Not all celebs look as good off-screen as they do on it—but when we say Erich Gonzales looks like a real-life Disney princess, we are not exaggerating. Her eyes sparkle, her pearly white smile lights up the room, and her skin literally glows. No wonder Tita Kris (yes, that Kris) chose her to be the youthful face of newly launched Thai brand Snail White. As far as we could tell, the actress seems to be in a perpetual state of blooming. Now, you’re probably wondering what we all want to know: how does she achieve that level of complexion perfection? Well, we’re one step ahead of you, girl! ICYMI on our Instagram live, Erich recently paid BeautyMNL HQ a visit and we got the deets straight from the star herself. Apparently, all it takes is four easy steps.

Watch Erich’s quick tutorial in the video above to see exactly how she stays fresh-faced—even on her off-duty days. More details, below!


For cleansing, Erich uses the mesh-encased Whipp Soap to thoroughly remove all traces off dirt without irritating her skin. Made with bearberry leave extract and sunflower oil concentrate, it visibly brightens the skin with continued use and prevents that tight “squeaky clean” feeling post-cleanse.
HOW TO USE: Soak the soap with water and lather it between your palms. The mesh material will help form a thick foam. Then, collect the foam in your hands and gently massage it over moist skin in upward, circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

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Next, Erich uses her preferred toner to make sure all traces of residue are gone and to restore her skin’s pH balance after cleansing.
HOW TO USE: Apply a generous spritz onto a cotton pad and gently sweep it over your skin in upward motions. Not only does help the product pick-up any remaining traces of dirt, it also delivers mild exfoliation.

For lasting hydration, Erich uses the Snail Secretion Filtrate Moisture Facial Cream (30ml). Its star ingredient snail secretion filtrate delivers a trifecta of skin-saving benefits: it smoothens, firms, and regenerates new skin cells.
HOW TO USE: Press the top of the container to dispense a coin-sized amount of product. Dot it over your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Then, spread it over your skin and gently pat with your palms until fully absorbed.

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Lastly, Erich uses the CC Cream SPF 50 for all-day sun protection. With its oil-free formula, this lightweight cream shields the skin from damaging UV rays and even conceals discoloration with a light tint.
HOW TO USE: Dispense 1-2 pumps of product onto the back of your hand. Dot the cream over your face, then evenly spread over your skin in light sweeping motions. Gently pat with the pads of your palms until fully absorbed.

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Video by Aion Bato.

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