Have you heard of the newest, buzziest beauty brand in the Philippines? Pink Sugar is a homegrown makeup label designed especially for Filipina skin tones. The whole range is so promising, I thought I’d swatch each and every product for today’s video. BB cream, concealer, blush, lipstick, liner, powder, liner—they have it all! Watch:


1. First things first: the base product! Pink Sugar’s It’s Awesome BB Cream, P499, comes in four shades (right to left): Light Medium, Beige, Light, Light Warm.
2. Great for oily and combination skin, the Dual Finish Face Powder, P499, comes in five shades (top to bottom, left to right): Shell, Natural Ochre, Cool Beige, Natural Beige, Medium Beige.
3. The Our Lil’ Secret Concealer is one of my instant favorites as it is highly pigmented. It gives awesome coverage for dark circles, acne, redness, and the like, and leaves a natural matte finish. All those wonderful things for only P299 a tube! Here are the shades (right to left): Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep.
4. The eyeshadows are available in two palettes: Eye Candy EC-01 and Eye Candy EC-02, P699 each. The colors are really blendable! I also like how some of the darker shades can double as a brow powder and/or eyeliner.
5. Speaking of eyeliner, Pink Sugar offers one lid-lining product with two formulas built in: the Honey I’m Good Eyeliner Duo, P349. It’s a dual eyeliner containing a liquid and pencil liner. Here are the shade combos you can choose from: brown liquid + brown pencil; black liner + blue pencil; black liner + black pencil; and black liner + white pencil. Swatches are in the video!
6. Moving on to cheek color, Pink Sugar’s got a wide and versatile range of blush tones that are ideal for Filipina complexions. The Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color, PHP499, comes in the following shades (top to bottom, left to right): Summer Nights, Paris Lights, Sin City, Miss Independent, South Beach (good for contouring!), Concrete Jungle (beautiful highlighter), Tokyo Rush, and Wanderlust.
7-8. For lip color, you can pick from two different tube collections, which the girls of BeautyMNL actually swatched on themselves two weeks ago! See the pics.

First, the Creamy Matte Lipsticks, P349, are great for matte lippie-lovers. These are so easy to put on given their creamy, smooth consistency and, and they set into a velvety-matte finish later on. These are the shades available: Rumor, Desire, Bombshell, Sangria, Bang Bang, Cat Fight, First Kiss, Selfie, Royals, Diva.
Next, the HD Lipsticks, P299, are highly pigmented with a semi-glossy/satin-cream finish. Some of the shades are also frosted for extra dimension. These are the shades available: (top photo) O.M.G., Date Night, Gossip, Naked, Delicious, Such A Tease; (bottom photo) Daydream, Instinct, Vavavoom, Teenage Dream, Rebel, Sugar, Free Spirit, Fancy.
9. Finally, my new obsession: Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints, P349. I can never have my fill of multi-purpose makeup! Here are the colors (left to right): Purple Pleasure, Pink Passion, Red Rouge, Pink Paradise, Coral Bliss.
I was actually so excited to try the Sugar Tints that I did an in-depth video review on the color and longevity! I’m a sucker for long-lasting lip products, and I love that this one gives you the option to use it as a cream blush. Watch what happened when I wore one of the tints for an entire day:

1. The tints are highly pigmented. The colors are really vibrant and will make anyone stand out in a crowd.
2. The scent is pleasant, doesn’t linger too long, and is never overpowering.
3. Once it has set completely, the color has a true matte finish.
4. So easy to apply!
5. The five available shades are very bright but still complementary on Filipina skin tones.
6. The tint lasts the entire day with minimal retouching.
7. Feel-wise, this stuff is comfortable on the lips and not overly drying.
8. After eating and drinking, the color may fade along the inner rims of your lips.
9. If you have extra dry lips, cracking/flaking might occur, so remember to exfoliate and use a lip balm underneath the color.
10. Too many coats of the tint may cause flaking, so don’t pile it on. If you apply just one or two layers, it’ll be enough to get that rich, opaque color.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my Pink Sugar swatch-fest, and be sure to check out all these products on BeautyMNL!

Online, Pink Sugar is exclusively available on BeautyMNL. Photos, videos, and swatches by Say Artillero.