When it comes to hair, I have to admit I’m not that adventurous. In fact, aside from changing lengths once in a while, my hair’s been pretty much the same for years.

For fear of damaging my relatively healthy locks, I’ve put off dyeing and experimenting with color (until early this year for my wedding—I got subtle highlights!). I rarely ever use styling products as I don’t like the heavy feeling they sometimes give, and I’ve never really tried any specialty shampoos or conditioners for my low-maintenance hair looks.

But after I grew out my hair for the big day, I chopped it all off when I got back from my honeymoon. Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” and I felt exactly that—new life, new hair.
Though shorter hair is a lot easier to wash, it actually needs a lot more attention. When not blown out properly, humidity can cause it to pouf up. So I find myself using the blowdryer and styling iron more now that I’ve lopped inches off my mane, versus when I could just tuck away my unstyled hair into a tight ponytail.

These days, having short hair has suddenly become au courant again. The shorter, the chicer! And seeing all these fab celebs sporting variations of shorter locks has got me inspired to try styling my hair differently.
I’m a certified amateur, so pardon me! But I tried giving texture to my chin-length bob with undone beachy waves. While my curling iron was warming up, I spritzed my tresses with TIGI S-Factor Chic Shine Hair Spray to give it a subtle sheen and to help hold the curls in place. I then sectioned off my mane, then twisted pieces of hair around the curling iron randomly to give it that casual, easygoing finish—nothing too precise or perfect. When all the parts were curled, I brushed my fingertips through it to tone down the tightness of the coils, leaving me with a messy-textured wavy ‘do.

There you have it—a simple upgrade for short-haired girls!

Selfies courtesy of Lyca Puno-Roa