Let’s just come out and say it: nothing is wrong with vaginal odor. It’s supposed to smell—and no, not like a field of wildflowers. (Sorry!) Contrary to what popular culture says, it’s actually quite the opposite.
And if so is the case, what’s it supposed to smell like? According to one study, a vagina can smell a number of ways. All women’s scents are unique, consisting of any combination of 2,100 separate “odiferous effluents”. Some women’s odor, for instance, are sour. Others’ scents are sweet. Yet, neither are unusual.

Of course, our vaginas should not smell unpleasantly pungent either. If you’re curious to know what qualifies as a “normal,” we listed five common odors and what potentially causes ‘em. Just keep in view we’re not certified OB-GYNs. We urge you to consult a professional in case of serious concerns.


Not unlike the scent we secrete from our underarms, our vaginas can impart a funky odor. The No. 1 culprit: sweat. When sweat accumulates in our nooks and crannies, we start emitting a smell reminiscent of freshly cut onions. Stress also produces apocrine sweat, A.K.A. stink-causing sweat. When it comes into contact with your pelt, it can intensify the pungent odor.


A scent curiously similar to centavo coins can indicate a number of causes. First, it’s possibly your period, which flows from your uterus to the vaginal canal. And blood, which contains iron, carries a natural coppery scent. The second cause? Intercourse. Light bleeding is possible after sex, which can also cause the aforesaid smell to surface.

A scent with a sour or fermented profile, like yogurt, sourdough, or the IPA you chugged last night is nothing to worry about. In fact, it often indicates your vaginal flora is working as it should. What you’re probably smelling is Lactobacilli, which protects against infections from festering. In other words: smelling sour isn’t so shabby!

In the same way your vagina can smell sour, the scent can sway the opposite way in the flavor spectrum. A sweetly scented intimate area indicates a shift in your system. Whether it’s something you ate—which is usually the case—or otherwise, it’s not usually a cause for concern.

Chances are, you’ve likely smelt like a cleaning agent. Why? Well, it’s either you’re not intaking enough water, which causes the production of urea—a compound with the same scent. Or, worst case, it’s bacterial vaginosis, an infection which causes itchiness, pain, and odor. Luckily, the latter is nothing antibiotics from your OBY-GYN can’t fix!

Now we know what your vaginal odor is saying, we’re listing natural ways in which you can keep yourself smelling as fresh as possible. Ahead 3 you can implement in your lifestyle now.


1. Use pH-friendly products.

If you use feminine products, consider a pH-friendly option. It won’t strip your vaginal flora and leave it vulnerable to infections. We also suggest using it only on the outer areas of your vagina (not the inner areas) as it can potentially upset your natural chemistry.
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2. Change frequently on your period.

Although our period is normal, it’s important we change our napkins frequently. As we said in number 2 on our list, our period causes a not-so-pleasant copper scent to arise. Changing our napkins frequently or using a cup can lessen any odors lingering on the surface.
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3. Consider probiotics.

Our vaginal scent changes according to a variety of factors. Luckily, probiotics can keep fickle floras in check. Probiotics, as you know, control your pH levels and consequently, your scent. Which is why consuming probiotic foods or supplements can influence the way you smell in a serious way.
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Although natural solutions for vaginal odor can aid you in some ways, we urge you to see a professional in case of any serious concerns.

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