There is a really easy answer to the question above, and it is this: yes. If you’re a fan of all-natural products—as well as the natural makeup look—I’m telling you right now that you will love PILI, a local beauty brand with good-for-you formulas. I recently got my hands on PILI’s most popular products, and I thought I’d show you my haul! Watch me swatch and test these products in the video below:


Most people don’t know this, but amazing beauty benefits can be mined from the humble pili tree’s bark, pulp, and leafy crown. Pili oil is extracted from the fruit, while our famous Manila elemie oil is a resin taken from the bark. These natural oils help hydrate your skin, maintaining its firmness and elasticity, so it stays younger-looking, longer. Pump that into lipstick and cheek tint, and you have yourself some anti-aging makeup!


Natural looking makeup for today ♥️ Wearing #Pili lipstick in Latte available at @beautymnl 😘 #saytioco #motd

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The natural makeup look is one of my favorite looks ever because of its simplicity. Normally I’d even out my skin tone with a little liquid foundation and gently fill in my brows for a neater look. Then I curl my lashes, adding lots of mascara to compensate for no eye shadow. The best part of the natural look is, of course, the MLBB lip color. A great example would be Pili Lipstick in Latte—no joke, this is one of the most beautiful shades I’ve ever worn in my life. It looks like my natural lip color—but better—and is definitely great for dates.

If you’re not a lipstick kind of person, try any of PILI’s lip balms. They have a tinted version, which provides just a wash of color and keeps your lips hydrated all day long. I like this just-bitten shade called Blushed Pink. Or, give the Mint Lip Balm a try—it’s the plain balm that I have in my haul. It’s very soothing and gives a minty, tingly sensation when worn. I love the refreshing scent, too!
L-R: Pili Lipstick in Latte, Pili Lip and Cheek Tint in Hot Pink, Pili Lip Balm Tint in Blushed Pink, Pili Lip Balm in Mint For a two-in-one product, try PILI’s Lip and Cheek Tint. I have Hot Pink, and wow, this is perfect for nights out! I was pleasantly surprised to to find that the color is super pigmented as well as very moisturizing on the lips and cheeks.


Aside from cosmetics, Pili also offers skincare and body care products. Anti-aging all over the place! Here are my comments on the ones I have:
Hand and Body Lotion: This smells really good, and I think it would be especially helpful for people with dry skin types. Upon application, you instantly feel hydrated! No sticky feeling afterwards.
Elemie Vapor Balm: This would be great to keep in your bag as an alternative to a painkiller. It provides temporary relief when you’re suffering from headaches, dizzy spells, tense shoulders, congestion due to cough and cold, and the like.

Elemie Bug Me Not Balm: This is one of my faves in the haul! It’s made with citronella, lemongrass, and neem, so it smells so nice. But more importantly, it protects against mosquitoes and other insects that bite.
Pili Body Oil: I love using body oils like most people love using lotion—and yay, PILI has their own! It doesn’t have an extremely oily formula, which is really awesome, and it left my skin feeling moisturized the very first time I tried it.
Soaps: PILI has two kinds, the regular Pili Bath Soap and the handcrafted version. I’m not sure what else the difference is between the two, but they’re both gentle on the skin.
Essential Oils: If you’re a fan of aromatherapy, you should check out these nice little additions to PILI’s skincare line. The Vapor Blend helps with decongestion, the Rise & Shine Blend wakes you up in the AM, the Muscle Blend relaxes aching joints, the Sweet Dreams Blend helps you fall asleep more easily, and the Bug Me Not Blend (again, my fave!) keeps the insects away. PILI’s essential oils come in two sizes: 5g and 10g.

And there you have it—my first all-natural haul for BeautyMNL. Check out PILI’s complete collection right here, and remember to keep it natural, ladies.

Selfies courtesy of Say Artillero. Product shots courtesy of PILI.