Looking for an easy way to curb your cravings and possibly shave off a couple inches? Well, you might want to consider KILO OFF, a weight loss system that was created in France and launched in over 20 countries. Have we mentioned that it’s now available not only in the Philippines but also in our very own Wellness section? (You’re welcome.)
A few weeks ago, KILO OFF sent one bottle of their Slimming Liquid Drink and one box of their Powder Drink to the BeautyMNL office, good for a 10-day trial. One of our girls, Athena Chaves, volunteered for the job! Read about her experience with these two dietary supplements, as told to our editor.


1. KILO OFF Slimming Liquid Drink (400ml): The instructions state that a 50ml dose of the liquid drink must be taken once a day. Athena used the bottle cap as her measuring cup: 1 bottle cap = 1 dose. She drank this liquid straight from the cap after having breakfast, usually around 10:30AM. This gave her 8 doses total (good for 8 days).
2. KILO OFF Powder Drink: Athena mixed 1 sachet of the powder with a 3/4 cup of water once a day. Following the instructions on the packaging, she waited 10 seconds for the powder to dissolve and then drank the juice in one go. She took the powder drink shortly after lunch, usually around 2:00PM. There were 10 sachets total (good for 10 days).


ATHENA: “First dose today! The Slimming Liquid Drink has a strong flavor. But after the initial punch to the tastebuds, it’s just like drinking berry-flavored iced tea. The Powder Drink, on the other hand, is just like juice. It has a mild citrus flavor.”


ATHENA: “I had to attend a lunch buffet today, so I wondered if KILO OFF was really going to work. I took the liquid drink in the morning and the powder drink in the afternoon. I didn’t feel as bloated as I thought I would after attacking the buffet!”


ATHENA: “Super stressful day today. I didn’t have much of an appetite but I ate my baon anyway because I needed to drink my KILO OFF. Three days in, I realize that this program requires serious discipline. You have to make sure that you eat your meals on time so you can take the supplements as planned.”


ATHENA: “I was off from work today and woke up quite late, so I had to alter my supplement schedule. Instead of having the liquid drink after breakfast, I had it after lunch. And then I took the powder drink after merienda. Overall, I think it’s going well on the detox end. I don’t think I’ve trimmed down yet, but so far, so good!”


ATHENA: “Honestly, I’m not very disciplined when it comes to hydrating. But since I started this KILO OFF system, I’ve been drinking much more than I usually do! And not just the two drinks I’m required to take for the program—I’ve been drinking a lot of water, too.”


ATHENA: “It’s been almost a week since my first dose of the Liquid Drink and Powder Drink. I haven’t noticed any physical changes, but in general, I feel lighter. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I feel less bloated.


ATHENA: “So, today, I’m feeling light on my feet and a lot more energetic. I’ve also noticed that I have this healthy, rosy color going on in my face—like a natural blush. Does KILO OFF have skin benefits, too? On top of all that, my skin feels smoother!”


ATHENA: “Today was the day I ran out of the the Liquid Slimming Drink. Took my last does just now! Sad. I’ve actually grown to like it better than the Powder Drink, because the liquid has more flavor! I have two more days left with the Powder Drink—let’s see what happens.”


ATHENA: “Some people have commented that I’m slimming down. This is not the first time in the past few days. But I find it so strange, because I don’t notice any dramatic changes myself. One day left!”


ATHENA: “The moment I got to work today, another officemate told me that I lost weight. Could this be true?! I hope so, because this is my last day, and I just finished my final sachet of the Powder Drink. I’m kind of relieved but kind of sad at the same time.”


At the beginning of the 10-day trial, Athena weighed 55kg (approximately 121lbs) She weighed herself again on Day 11, when she was no longer drinking any KILO OFF products. The result: 54.5kg (approximately 120lbs). That’s a weight loss of 1lb in 10 days.
ATHENA: “This is the first time I’ve tried taking dietary supplements for weight loss and detox. It was an interesting experience. Would I do it again? Yes, but I think I’ll have to make some lifestyle changes for it to take maximum effect (A.K.A. exercise more and eat less junk food). Considering I didn’t cut down on snacks or get on a treadmill for 10 days, but people still told me I got thinner? Not bad.”
The KILO OFF Slimming Liquid Drink (P795) is a dietary supplement that helps with overall slimming and detox. Shop it here. The KILO OFF Powder Drink (P995) is a fat-burning juice that suppresses the appetite. Shop it here. For more KILO OFF products, click here.

Selfies by Athena Chaves. Product photos by Cine Escalona.

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