For those looking to smell fresh all day long, deodorant is the obvious answer. Unfortunately for me, the answer is not as simple. I’ve found that deodorants and antiperspirants don’t usually work on my armpits. Most leave me with a scent akin to that of old plastic flowers kept in the sun. Mix it with a day’s worth of sweat, and it’s D-E-A-D-L-Y.

So, after years of searching far and wide for the perfect deodorant with no luck, I decided why not attempt to use something natural? And no, I’m not about to suggest natural deodorant. According to the internet, which provides a wealth of information on the issue (I’m not alone!), many people attempt DIY solutions in order to knock out noxious underarm odors.
In my search, I found 3 that apparently nip the problem in the bud. All possess natural detoxifying properties, which kill organisms that produce bad odor in the first place. To determine whether the solutions were worth it, the only way was to undergo an investigation. I opted to use one of three DIY solutions per day (for 3 days in total) instead of wearing deodorant.

Scroll for my findings—and which one works just as well as the people of the Internet promise!


L-R: Bathgems Tea Tree Oil (30ml), P610, Beryl Essentials Tea Tree Essential Oil (5ml), P249, Milea Tea Tree Essential Oil (30ml), P715, Zellaroma Tea Tree Essential Oil (15ml), P499

According to internet oilbolaryos, tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, which means, it fights off the microorganisms that make you smell funky.

THE PROCEDURE: STEP 1: Use two drops of tea tree oil to two tablespoons of water.
STEP 2: Apply it onto freshly washed armpits using a disposable round.

NOTE: Avoid using tea tree oil directly on armpits!

THE VERDICT: If you like the scent of tea tree oil, you’ll enjoy this. Its menthol, almost medicinal fragrance left me smelling like a room diffuser all day. I was a bit worried because when I first applied it to my underarms, my skin got warm; I thought I might have a negative side effect. But luckily, the sensation subsided. What’s more, it had a nice cooling sensation, too! As long as your skin’s not sensitive, I would highly recommend this as an alternative for your deodorant!


THE PROCEDURE: STEP 1: Slice a fresh lemon into rounds.
STEP 2: Rub the rounds over freshly washed armpits.

NOTE: If skin is sensitive, mix lemon juice with the same amount of water.

THE VERDICT: Let’s just say, you would not want to be near me during this trial. It just didn’t work for me! My body odor surfaced not long after I used the lemon rounds, in spite of their sharp, zesty scent. In fact, I had to keep my underarms glued to my sides until I could shower next. Maybe for those who have a lighter or mild musk (unlike me), this would work for you. What I will say though is that it was a lot gentler than the tea tree oil.


L-R: ACV Health Double Strength ACV, P190, Barnes Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar (500ml), P213, Bracha Apple Cider Vinegar, P160, Salutem Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother”, P220

Not just an ingredient, ACV is a microbe-killing powerhouse, too. It’s naturally acidic, thereby eliminating the odor of your pits naturally.

THE PROCEDURE: STEP 1: Mix the same amount of water and ACV.
STEP 2: Using a disposable round, apply to freshly washed armpits.

THE VERDICT: I had high hopes for ACV since it’s touted by so many to reduce body odor. But for me, unfortunately, it didn’t delivered as expected. While I didn’t smell my own scent, it was masked by ACV’s tart, acidic one. I caught whiffs of it throughout the day, and it was unpleasant to say the least. Maybe if I combined it with bentonite clay and wore it as underarm mask instead, it’d be more effective. At least I could wear a better-smelling deodorant afterward!
So, do you have any hacks for smelly underarms? Sound off in the comments section!

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