Drinking enough H2O should be part of your beauty routine as much as any eye cream or moisturizer. Our bodies need constant hydration to stay in tip-top shape. But let’s face it, water can be so…bland. It only makes it so much harder to resist the urge to reach for something more flavorful!

The easiest solution to this problem? Give your water a makeover. Adding fruit and fragrant herbs to your drink can instantly make it more exciting on the palate, as well as boost its beautifying properties.

To get you started, here’s a refreshing detox water recipe that’s perfect for brightening the complexion. Sipping your way to blemish-free skin has never been easier.


• a pitcher of cold water
• a lemon
• a cucumber
• a handful of mint leaves (optional)


1) Cut the lemon and cucumber into thin, equal slices. (If lemons aren’t readily available to you, a yellow mango may be used as an alternative.)
2) Fill a pitcher with water. Add the fruit slices to the liquid.
3) Scrunch the mint leaves in your fist before adding them to the water. This will release their flavor.
4) Place the pitcher in the fridge and let the water steep for 3-4 hours.
5) Serve!

NOTE: The amount of fruit pieces you add to the water is up to you. One whole lemon and one whole cucumber, sliced, should do nicely for a 1-liter pitcher of water, but feel free to add or subtract depending on how much water you use.

Credit: Photo via Shutterstock