When you live in Manila, where the only thing that’s constant is heat and humidity (and traffic), a lady learns to prepare for the grease. Personally, I’ve learned that no matter how many packs of blotting paper I stuff into my handbag or how many times I excuse myself to “powder my nose,” it’s still a losing battle.

Manila can be especially unforgiving towards girls with oily or combination skin. I’m of the combination persuasion, so at the end of a long day, the excess oil I accumulate on my face pretty much melts my makeup off. Ick!
To keep shine at bay—and prevent your makeup from slippin’ and slidin’—the trick is to use a primer. I know, I know, slathering another product on your face, in this heat, seems like the worst idea ever. But au contraire, mon ami!
An excellent primer gives you the perfect base to apply your makeup over. It makes your makeup last for hours with minimal to no touch-ups, and will help you attain glowing, healthy-looking skin if you decide to wear it alone. Best of all, it won’t encourage spots to surface uninvited.

After doing a little web-surfing, I decided to road-test the Prime Primer Classic by Banila Co.. This primer is hailed as one of Banila’s star products, and like all of their cosmetics, is heavy on the skincare. From the get-go, I already had high hopes for it (Korean ladies know their beauty products!). Could this be my saving grace for all my oily-skinned woes? Here’s what went down.


First, I applied two pumps of primer onto the side of my hand.
Then, I dotted the primer over my clean face. Using a makeup brush, I gently blended the product into my skin. I focused most of my efforts on my T-Zone, where I am oiliest. After applying the primer, my skin felt smooth to the touch. I layered my foundation over the primer—along with a few other products that make up my everyday routine. Suddenly, I had the (semi) poreless, alabaster complexion I envied other women for?!

My day at the BeautyMNL office went on as usual—except for one big difference. Between breaking a sweat over a deadline and a short walk to the Starbucks across the street (one iced chai tea latte with a shot of espresso, please!), I only had to blot once. Girls, this is good—no, great news for me! Many primers I’ve tried in the past couldn’t outlast my oily powers, and what’s worse, others even caused my acne to flare up.

Pics or it didn’t happen—so take pictures, I did! In fact, I even conducted a small experiment to see if there would be a noticeable difference between the day I wore the Prime Primer Classic and the next day, when I deliberately skipped it. Do you see what I see?

Makeup is a tricky situation to navigate for girls with Jekyll-and-Hyde skin (oily, sensitive, quick to aggravate). I can’t promise you anything, because our skin types might differ, but I do believe prepping and priming your skin might just change your life. What I will say with utmost conviction that Banila Co. takes those two things very seriously, so your face is in good hands.

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