Looking for the crème de la crème from our assortment? Our customers have got you covered! For this year’s edition of Customers’ Picks, we’re going through the best-reviewed basics of 2019. From MLBB lipsticks to health-boosting supplements, these are the products that any beauty and wellness junkie would be lost without.
While it’s safe to say a major part of beauty revolves around makeup and skincare, there’s always room for body care to have its share of the spotlight. Not only can it seriously buff away scaly patches, rescue cracked, chapped joints, and care for every dull nook and cranny on your body, but it can also transform skin into dewy, silky perfection you’ll absolutely love.

And thanks to your reviews, we have a pretty clear idea about which body washes, scrubs, soap bars, and other body essentials have done exactly that. So without further ado, let’s take a look. Ahead, find the top 20 body treatments that have won you over to earn your stamp of approval.

SNAILWHITE Whipp Soap 5 + 1 Free (Save P295), P1,475
Carouzelle, 27: “For almost 3 years now, I’ve been experiencing intense skin sensitivity resulting to breakouts and later dark spots/hyperpigmentation. I have consulted a lot of dermatologist and tried numerous medicines and topicals to help me. But only this soap started what I thought was impossible. It dried out pimples, softened, and lightened my skin in just 2 weeks. All my skin frustrations were gone that quick! Moved from being isolated, aloof and shy, to being happy and confident real quick!”

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SNAILWHITE Deep Moisture Body Wash (500ml), P325
Available in different sizes.

Kathryn, 29: “This product really speaks for itself, my third order just arrived 😍 I already finished 3 bottles prior to this one, and I noticed my skin has visibly lightened and feels moisturized. Sometimes I don’t use lotions anymore. 😊 Even my sister really noticed the difference in my skin tone, that’s why I recommended this to her and guess what?!! She’s now using this for a month now. These is now my forever body wash 😍”

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Lucas Papaw Soothing Ointment (75g), P1,099
Che: “I have sensitive, eczematous skin. Mosquitoes and bugs love to bite me. And chapped lips are my forever issue, even if I hydrate enough. I got this […], used it immediately on my lips and my God, I was floored! My lips looks supple. And a little goes a long way. Thin sheen for a light feel. […] My lips look healthy now. I used it also on the fresh mosquito bite just below my lower lip. The itchiness subsided almost immediately and the redness faded. I’m using it as hand and foot cream too. My feet are super smooth now I could cry. I apply it on my elbows and knees to get rid of flaky skin. […]”

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Hair Removal Sugaring Trial Kit (80g), P150
Available in different sizes.

Justine, 23: “If I could rate this 10 stars, I would. What I like about this wax, madali siya gamitin. Hindi madumi at madikit sa kamay kasi natutunaw naman sa water. I think that’s the reason why washable yung spatula and yung cloth that it comes with. Unlike sa ibang wax, wala siyang masakit na feeling after mo gamitin… Hindi mahapdi, hindi madikit or nakakadumi sa skin. Pwede mo punasan lang ng towel or tissue yung UA mo after waxing then malinis na. […] Super THUMBS UP! Will definitely repurchase! 😍”

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3W Clinic Collagen Hand Cream, now on sale at P99 (limited time only)
Marian, 24: “This product instantly leaves my skin soft and smooth!!! I have just started using it and oh my gosh, I love it so much. I like how it is fast absorbing and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It also smells good which is a bonus. I like that it’s so handy I can bring it with me anytime I want to. 💯”

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MADs Essentials Roasted Coffee Face and Body Scrub, P345
Grace, 35: “I’ve been using this product twice a week for about a month now, I’m almost out. I cannot rave about this scrub enough—it smells so good, it leaves my skin smooth and refreshed, it’s perfect for sensitive skin, and it doesn’t cause any breakouts. […] Hope they come out with a bigger size!”

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SNAILWHITE Natural White Body Wash (500ml), P325
Available in different sizes.

Rona, 28: “This is not your ordinary body wash. It made my skin smooth and brighter. Applying lotion after every bath is really good for the skin, but for this product, sometimes I don’t apply lotion ‘coz I’m already satisfied with the smooth effect. I also love its fresh scent! ♥️ Best used with a loofah, gloves, or whatever material you use as an exfoliator. Make sure to avail the big size! It’s really worth it.”

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Beauty Bakery Decadent Body Scrub, P225
Faye, 23: “This is definitely a treat for your tired soul. The smell is soooo good that you just want to bury yourself in the product. Yknow how some scrubs give you that itchy feeling after application kasi intense yung level ng pagkagritty niya? Ito, gusto mo lang to keep putting on your body sa sobrang smooth ng texture, tapos hindi intense yung level ng exfoliation niya. But you know its there, hindi lang siya abrasive.”

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Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub, P110
Camille, 24: “I’ve been using this sa aking madilim na ua. Emegerd! Hahaha very effective! Plus nabawasan ng konti ung chicken skin. 2-3x a week ko lang sya ginamit for a month pero nawala na ung sumpa ng kili kili ko haha. Hindi naman super puti pero gosh hindi na kadiliman haha. I will continue using this.”

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V&M Naturals Bare It All Cream in Minty (100g), P380
Available in different sizes.

Tanya, 24: “I am so obsessed with its scent! It has this tingling sensation when applied to the skin. I apply it after bath and it leaves my skin soft and it smells so yummy! I’m a really lazy gal when it comes to applying moisturizers or body butters but this just got me so consistent. I would definitely buy more […]💕”

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Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap (90g) Set of 3, P159
Available in different sizes.

Faith, 30: “So I’ve been using this soap for about 4 months now and I keep on repurchasing coz it’s truly effective on my skin. My skin got even fairer and smoother. It also helps prevent my pimples from coming out. A total must have for those who wants to get whiter and smoother skin!! :-)”

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Kinis Bleaching Soap, P74
Charlene, 20: “I’ve used a couple of bars of this soap already and I must say that it’s really good. It makes my skin brighter after 3 days of using it. I can compare this to […] but for me, this is way better. Both are good for making your skin lighter but this soap is not harsh on the skin at all. It lathers well on the skin and it’s not drying. It doesn’t melt so easily, and I love the smell of this soap. This also helps me lighten up some dark spots on my feet from insects bites. I need to stock this up and make this my permanent bath soap, honestly.”

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Skin Genie Apple Cider Vinegar Soap, P150
Joanna, 34: “This was “love at first sight”. I have been using ACV soap for 6 months now and wow i’m really loving it. There’s nothing more I would ask for. I’m 34 with 2 kids and stress is just around the corner so, taking care of my skin is challenging—I have monthly to occasional breakouts and this helped my skin recover fast to not having breakouts at all. I noticed after weeks of using it, it made my skin bright and kinda soft. It is so refreshing because of its very cooling effect. Very addictive hahaha. This is my number 1 skincare product and a must-have.”

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Diva White Underarm Antiperspirant and Whitening Deodorant, P80
Anne, 21: “My pits got dark because of shaving and using hot wax. I had tried various whitening products but NONE of them effectively worked, even the most expensive ones! Came across this product and thought I’d give it a try cos it had good reviews. After I finished a bottle and checked my pits I was actually surprised and amazed that it worked! My pits got 2-3 shades lighter in just a short period of time. This has now gained my trust and loyalty bc this is the ONE AND ONLY product that worked for me. I definitely will purchase again!”

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Philippine Pure Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder (50g), P100
Sarah, 24: “I can say this is one of the best products I bought here. I used to smoke a lot and drink coffee everyday till I noticed how my teeth turned yellow-ish and that’s so disgusting. After one week of using this product, now my teeth look brighter and clean. There are a lot of product inside the container so for one hundred pesos, it’s such a great find!”

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V&M Naturals Exfobomb, P395
Kristine, 21: “One of my impulse buys that I super love because I noticed that my knees lightened. Religiously apply a generous amount of product on your elbow and knee areas after showering and you’ll notice a difference within a week of using it. The smell is great too, and the ingredients are very natural. Didn’t cause me any allergic reaction which is amazing because I have sensitive skin and would normally react badly to harsh ingredients. I must say this is a must-have if you want to lighten your skin.”

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Beauty Bakery Skin Perfecting Underarm Scrub: Whitening, Smoothening, and Deodorizing (50g), P225
Ali, 30: “I have PCOS and this product helped me when I had hyperpigmentation in my underarms last year due to stress. It lightens the underarms especially when applied religiously. I am still using this almost everyday as it helps to prevent my underarms from having chicken skin. It can also work as a deodorant and I simply love its scent.”

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Gluta-C Underarm & Bikini Skin Whitening Gel, P220
Carla, 32: “I got this and it really whitened my nape, bikini area, and underarms! Even better than laser. My friend also had superb results and she saw it in 3 days after twice daily use! For me, it took around a week after once a day use. I just hoarded 5 tubes […]!!! Actually bought 2 more tubes to give as a gift! Worth to try!!!”

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Zero Basics Deodorant (250ml), P250
Carmela, 28: “This is my first time to use an organic liquid deo spray and I really love it! It doesn’t leave any foul smell as it allows you to perspire naturally. It goes beyond my expectation. I feel so safe because of its natural ingredients. I really like the packaging and the idea of refilling and recycling. Its very sustainable. It feels like as I care myself, I also care the environment. Definitely will refill!”

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Skin Genie Pit Perfect Underarm Whitening Scrub, P200
Sharaine, 25: “It’s only been days since I’ve used this but I can already see the difference. It has totally remove dark spots from my under arm and the surface skin has been removed of “chicken skin”. It also has a scent that I quite like. I now feel confident to use spaghetti straps clothes and show off my under arms.”

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Some reviews have been condensed for brevity and clarity.

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