The plush, dewy pelt we associate with good skin days depends as much on our lifestyle as it does on our beauty prowess. Some days, when you’ve gotten enough sleep and your skincare is working its merry magic, you’ll look as a fresh as a daisy. Other days, not so much. Working well into the night just can’t be helped during hell week—and you will pay for it the next morning when you leave your bed bleary-eyed and Sahara-skinned.

For those haggard times, our customers have found hydrating sheet masks particularly helpful. Slap on one of these babies, and in less than half an hour, your “stress face” will have soaked up a spa treatment.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Bamboo Mask, P65
Jonalyn, 41, Combination Skin: “The effect on my face after using this screams one word: fresh! I [can] tell the difference just like that, even if I just leave this on my face for five minutes. Very good product, and I recommend [it] to everyone especially with combination skin; I find this very effective.”

Holika Holika After Mask Sheet for Night Overtime, P95
Denise, 25, Combination Skin: “A perfect sheet mask to wear during the week! While…it doesn’t fit my face as well, it still gives my skin the much-needed moisture whenever it gets stressed and whenever I need some pampering after a busy day. While I usually incorporate this into my skincare routine on weekends, this is one that I can put on during weeknights.”

Leaders InSolution Aquaringer Skin Clinic Mask, P148
Claire, 24, Sensitive Skin: “VERY hydrating mask—this one helped save my skin from dehydration and over-exfoliation. Like all Leaders masks, this had a lot of essence—good for the entire body (forrealz) —and took a full hour before it dried on my face. More time to absorb more product! It’s a definite must-have for days when your skin feels really dry and needs all the moisture it can get.”

Nuganic Pure Snail Masks (Set of 8), P1,740
Nicole, 35, Sensitive Skin: “Finally caved and bought this mask pack of 8. Totally worth it. I love that the essence in the pack is just enough to soak the mask. No dripping mess, which makes this a great product for long-haul flights. The essence does not impart a sticky feel on the face and neck. It moisturizes and hydrates you enough. I also noticed that my face looked revitalized and less tired. Bring 2 or 3 with you on your next long-haul flight. Bon voyage!”

Baroness Pomegranate Mask, P60
Ginger, 44, Combination Skin: “I decided to treat myself to a mask at the end of a very long day that left my skin feeling withered and spent…The combination of the cool mask and the delicious scent had me drifting off to a nap in almost no time. After removing the mask and allowing the serum to continue to permeate my skin, my skin felt ultra quenched and hydrated. Love it!”

My Scheming Cactus Essence Hydrating Black Mask, P95
Lexi, 23, Sensitive Skin: “This product is made out of a \ gelatin type mask which delivers this amazing smooth texture when spread out on the face, and has such strong but gentle hydration that I could wear it all day! It’s also very odorless for the most part, if you’re sensitive to scents. And as always, My Scheming does not skimp out on the essence, so this mask is truly a bang-for-your-buck! You’re getting so much product out of it <3”

Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask, P150
Marla, 31, Combination Skin: “I’ve tried tons of facial masks in the market, and this product is one of the best. It’s extremely moisturizing but gentle on the skin, leaving your face soft, supple, and dewy. You’ll be glowing from within and looking like your healthiest, most radiant self! Buy it once it’s restocked!”

Dewytree Honey Moist Black Mask, P139
Ayin, 24, Combination Skin: “Used this after several restless and sleepness nights and my face looks hydrated and moisturized. I also noticed that my skin glows and [has] that silky smooth feeling even after 2 days of using it.”
Dianne, 29, Combination Skin: “I can’t believe how plump and luscious my skin looked after using this mask. I know that this is supposed to hydrate but I did not expect it will hydrate to that level. I love this! I suggest to pack a few of these if you are a frequent traveler or have dry skin. There is extra serum too so your arms and neck can benefit as well.”