Gone are the days when sunscreen was relegated to the beach—and thank God for that! Today, SPF is a crucial part of any morning routine. Besides its basic UV-blocking function, sunscreen boasts of other skin-loving benefits, like preventing discoloration, premature wrinkles, and skin cancer.

Looking for the right fit? Here are 7 wearable formulas our customers swear by. Apparently, they’re super lightweight, non-greasy, and leave zero white cast. Ooh-la-la!

Esfolio Aloe Vera UV Sun Cream, P549
JA, 23, Combination Skin: “Best thing about this product: it doesn’t clog your pores! It does not feel heavy—it’s very light on the skin. It really moisturizes your skin without the grease and in fact, it even gives a mattifying effect. Even if you put make up after the sun cream layer, it doesn’t give a white undertone which is usually the case for most sunscreen products. Great for daily use.”

L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Face Mist SPF50, P749
Trixie, 20, Oily Skin: “I never really cared about UV protection before, and when I did, I used a bunch of different cream-based sunscreens on my face. However, these did break me out and made me incredibly oily (despite being non-comedogenic and oil-free) in the long run. For a time, I was beginning to give up on the whole SPF thing completely… THEN I found this UV spray and gave it a shot. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. It’s so light and completely grease-free! I’ve been using it for about a month now and yep, no breakouts, no oily skin. Though there is no way of telling whether or not an SPF product is actually working, my face somehow feels really safe, as if there is a barrier between me and the sun, in spite of its really thin consistency. 100% recommended especially in this tropical country!”

Biore UV Watery Essence, P445
Andy, 25, Combination Skin: “I LOVE THIS SUNSCREEN!!! I hate it when you use sunblock or sunscreen that feels sticky and icky on your face or when there’s left over white residue on your skin and you feel like there’s a mask that’s preventing your skin from breathing. However, sun damage is a reaaal culprit to ruining your skin and I needed one really bad. With that being said, THIS PRODUCT HAS NONE OF THE ISSUES I HATE! It leaves you feeling clean, like’s there’s barely anything on your face! Your skin feels silky smooth after applying it, and it’s “mattifying, too”! And best of all no white residue! Yup, this baby’s a keeper.”

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 (85g), P1865
Elizabeth, 58, Combination Skin: “This is my favorite sunscreen! I am now onto my second tube and I don’t think I am replacing this with any other brand. I like it a lot because it is so gentle, it does not have a smell or chemical scent unlike typical sunblocks in the market. It is waterproof too and does not give me any white cast on pictures or photos with flash. It will seem expensive but it is very much worth it.”

Skin Genie Healthy Sunscreen SPF 75, P200
NJ, 44, Normal Skin: “This is another value for money product sold here at BeautyMNL. I have been using a spray sunblock, which I found to be the least offensive smelling for everyday use, but it is expensive. Others have that really heavy sunblock scent and I don’t want to smell like I brought Boracay with me to the office. I also used to be a loyal fan of another natural sunblock, but I ended up looking like a ghost due to the thick consistency. This product from skin genie solves all those issues and is loaded with moisturizing properties to boot! The fact that it is also an insect repellant makes it a must-have for travel. It also comes with an anti-spill plastic jiggymathingy to cover the nozzle so again, the traveler was considered when this product was developed. Two thumbs up!”

Neutrogena UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50+, P474
Erna, 30, Oily Skin: “I use this literally EVERYDAY. Although I may not be always out in the sun, I am always in front of a huge monitor day by day at the office. This product is perfect even without moisturizer. It acts like one anyway, so I put on primer and concealer immediately right after this one and it blends out nicely without being really oily at the end of the day.”

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream, P666
Jesse, 22, Combination Skin: “I really, really love this product. It is so hydrating and refreshing. Not your typical sunscreen. It doesn’t give a white cast and it smells so good. It doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on your skin, rather it is absorbed well. It’s kind of pricey compared to other sunscreens, but it’s all worth it. Definitely repurchasing!”

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