Like beauty sleep and cold water, color is the great fixer-upper. It can improve your mood, stimulate your mind, and even get your heart racing! This is precisely why beauty, style, wellness, what-have-you experts recommend wearing color when you’re feeling blah.

But sometimes, a girl’s not ready for a pop of pigment—too much commitment. So here’s what we’d recommend: 6 lippies that tint you so naturally, people will think the color’s built in. Customer-tried, customer-approved!

Maybelline Lip Flush Sheer Healthy Lipstick, P229
Mary, Medium Skin: “Get that natural-looking splash of color from this lipstick and that perfect no-makeup look. I’m not a fan of really heavy makeup and lipcolor that makes you look like you’re from another planet…I like simple sheer makeup that looks natural and feels natural and if you are like me you would love this Maybelline product for sure.”

Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint SPF15, P1,200
Chrystelle, 17, Fair Skin: “I have always been fond of lip products but this particular lip tint is a cut above the rest. The sheer colour is perfect for everyday use. It’s visible but not too garish as well. Albeit a little pricey, I can definitely attest to the fact that it’s worth every peso.”

Lioele Bubi Bubi Tint Balm, P210
Carmela, 20, Deep Skin: “You have found your perfect natural-look lip color! This tint moisturizes your lips without creating that I-just-ate-really-oily-food look! The color is naturally beautiful; I thought it really wasn’t go suit my skin color because I’m a bit on the darker side, but surprisingly it gives off a really natural finish! Though the thing that most impressed me is how it didn’t just stay in the middle area of the lips like most liquid lip tints, it was in the entire lip area! Definitely gonna buy the other shade, this is worth your money!”

Dearberry Kiss It Berry Tint Lip Balm, on sale at P170 (limited time only)
Alecs, 18, Fair Skin: “I love this product, it really works! Not only does it moisturize my lips, it leaves my lips looking kissable with a shine! The product itself smells so good as well. I tried using this for a week, and I must say that my lips have never been softer. The tint looks natural, which is great for everyday use! I recommend this to those who love natural-looking yet stained lips!”

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm, on sale at P593 (limited time only)
Gladdys, 26, Medium Skin: “Been using this for about three months now and I love it! I like wearing this when I suddenly need to run errands or when I’m just at home but still want my lips to feel moisturized. I got the mauve shade, and it definitely looks like a natural lip color. It stays on for hours, so my lips always feel hydrated. Because of this tinted balm, I don’t get dry and chapped lips anymore.”

PILI Lip Balm Tint, P336
Jurain, 27, Fair Skin: “This one is for a tint user like me but [who also] doesn’t want dry chapped lips. Pili Lip Balm Tint is my current favorite My Lips But Better lip tint ‘cause it nourishes my lips while giving it a natural bloom of color. The shade is also very buildable and looks so natural. Highly recommended!”