From cushion compacts to ampoule masks, South Korean beauty products all share an obsession with hydration. The lipsticks are in no way immune—even the matte stuff is somehow permeated by moisture! We thought we’d round up some of the crowd-pleasers by consulting with our customers (who else?). Seven K-lippies came up in the mix, each one pretty in pigment and kind on the kisser.

3CE Lip Color, P1,199
Mary, 28, Medium Skin: “I always get dry lips from wearing lipstick. But this is wonderful on my lips. Moisturizing and highly pigmented. One swipe is enough for full color coverage…I’ve previously tried Chanel Rouge, but this is much better than that because my lips stay soft and [don’t] get flaky after.”

Banila Co. Kiss Collector Moisture Lipstick, P675
Rica, 34, Fair Skin: “This is my very first Banila Co. product which I own, and I am glad I did buy this one. It doesn’t only give me a good pout, but [also] the moisture and hydration I need on my lips. It doesn’t have a strong scent to it, and I just love this shade [Hongdae Nude] so much because it looks like your natural lips, only much better! The price is kind of steep, but what the heck, I just love using this!”

Aritaum Honey Melting Tint, P629
Samantha, 24, Fair Skin: “I really like this tinted balm because it glides so smoothly on my lips and makes them so soft and smooth. It doesn’t really settle into the cracks on my lips. Lady Dessert is a coral color but it is just quite sheer so this is more for that everyday natural look.”

Mizon Triple X Intense Up Tint, P350
Bec, Fair Skin: “I have this in the color Cherry Red and the color is very rich and creamy. I like how lip tint is so pigmented that it works like a liquid lipstick, to be honest. It completely covers my lips with its intense color in just one to two sweeps. It glides easily and is long wearing too.”

Lioele Lip Color Stick, P280
Michelle, 26, Fair Skin: “Lioele Lip Color Stick has very good pigmentation. You won’t need to apply a second coating because it’ll give you the color you wanted. The finish is moist. The moisturizing property of Lioele Lip Color Stick sure is impressive; no need to apply a lip balm because it acts like one. I really love how [these] lip pencils are like lipsticks when I always assumed that maybe they’re most likely a tint.”

Lioele Dollish Lipstick, P550
Maricel, Medium Skin: “I have this in Bordeaux Wine, which is a wine red shade. The black matte casing makes you feel like [you’re] holding a MAC lippy, but this one feels lighter. This lipstick is very pigmented; color payoff is really great. It glides on smoothly because this lipstick is very creamy in texture and it feels like it’s a little moisturizing because it doesn’t dry out my lips. It lasts for a good 4-5 hours but you need to retouch if you drink or eat something. A great product from one of my favorite Korean brands.”

Holika Holika Pro Beauty Enamel Volip Tint, P545
Denise, 25, Fair Skin: “This is another product that got me curious [enough to try] out, given the positive reviews I’ve seen. So when I saw this up on BeautyMNL, I KNEW I had to pick one up. I have this in the shade Flash Coral, and the moment I applied it, I instantly fell in love. Compared to other tints, this, being an oil-based tint, does not dry out your lips AT ALL. It also keeps your lips moisturized with that pop of color and glossy finish.”

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