Everything from weather changes to a surge in stress can affect the bounce and body of our hair. And in December, both are inevitable. Who can afford a bad hair day when there are places to go and people to see? Not you, that’s who!

To fight the flatness that’s stealing your thunder, try the customer-vetted products below. These dry shampoos, sea salt sprays, and lifting mists will boost the limpest of situations, leaving you with extra oomph. Our regulars say they really turn up the volume (so to speak).

Dove Hair Treatment Volume Root Lift Spray, P299
Alyssah, 24, Sensitive Skin: “This is great! I prefer to use it after taking a shower and my hair is damp (I feel like it absorbs the product better) instead of using it on dry hair. It does a great job of lifting the roots. My hair is flat and limp (it’s not fine, however, just a bit thick) but with this [product] on, plus a quick blowdry or heck, even an air-dry, my hair looks like it actually has shape and body. Not a bad find for a root lifting spray under 500 pesos!”

Made By David Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo, P250
Anne, 22, Sensitive Skin: “It’s like this—I am that kind of person who is trying to save my hair from all the side effects [of] the rigorous process of hair rebonding and coloring. My hair is really, really flat and dry on the ends, and I thought conditioning products [would be] enough, but no, sadly…AND THEN I FOUND THIS! At first, I didn’t think it would work well because I understand it works as a starch; I was afraid [that] flakes would be all over my scalp, but I was wrong. This particular product smells really, really good. It felt like I actually came out of the shower only without my hair getting wet. [The powder] goes away when you brush your hair, leaving a bouncy and soft [effect]. While it takes away the excess oil on your scalp, it leaves the natural oils on the hair strands. I. LOVE. IT. Perfect for non-heat curling ;)”

Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Dry Shampoo, P1,099
Tina, 29: “This is the first dry shampoo I tried and I must say, I’M A DRY SHAMPOO KINDA GIRL. Things I love about this product: it smells gorgeous, and VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME. This is my styling fave. I’m a lazy girl and I can’t be bothered to operate a hair dryer, and if you’re like me, you’ll love this product. It takes literally 4 minutes to give your day one-two-or-three hair a clean, sexy fix. If you’re not used to having styling products on your hair, i.e. spray net/texturizing spray, you might take a little getting used to this product. TIP: back comb for extra extra volume.”

S Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray, on sale at P750 (limited time only)
Maika, 23: “Been using it for 3 months and I love the volume it gives! Not even half through the bottle yet. I spray it on my roots every time before using my hair dryer.”

Bedhead/TIGI Superstar Volumizing Hairspray, on sale at P700 (limited time only)
Janella, 25, Combination Skin: “I bought this spray specifically for my limp roots that need a volume boost. I divide my hair into sections from the top of my head and spritz it directly. I love the result as it gives my hair that volume I desire! For my ends, I just use argan oil because they’re dry and I want my ends to have a soft texture. My ends are layered and they don’t need that much volume anyway. I have to use it on dry hair only. If I used this while my roots are still wet, my hair at the roots would get stiff once it dries up.”

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray, P180
Mae, 27, Combination Skin: “I have really flat hair due to rebonding, but I bought this product anyway because it’s really affordable. Upon using it the first time after I put my damp hair in a bun and let it set for just an hour, I found that it really works. Although it does not really make my hair curly due to it being rebonded, it gives my hair volume I want. Also, I love that it does not make my hair feel stiff or rough unlike other volumizing sprays I have tried. I will definitely buy this one again.”