Everyone’s got a dark side—or maybe even two, if we’re talking about armpits. Blessed with radiant underarms? Cherish them dearly. But if not, you’ll know how much of a bother they can be, especially when you’re raring to bare them.

Don’t throw yourself a pit-ty party just yet! With everyone stuck indoors, it’s probably the least of your worries. The good news is you can take this time to get those pits ready for when you do finally get to go out and bare arms. Today, we’re happy to bring you 6 brightening solutions—all vetted by BeautyMNL customers. Light sprays and rich creams, these deodorants were made for pigmented pits. Our regulars call them godsends; we’ve dubbed them #thrillas for axillas. They work, people!

V&M Naturals Underarmour, P555
Anna, 32: “I have been using this for 5 months and to say that I LOVE this product is an understatement. This is absolutely the best deodorant I’ve ever used. It has significantly improved the texture of the UA (no more chicken skin!) and lightened the discoloration brought about by years of using harsh deos. Unlike other natural/organic deodorants, this product lasts me the whole day, even after hours of working out! I have no complaints (except maybe the price tag) but hey, this is worth every peso you pay and more!”

Skin Genie Pit Perfect Underarm Whitening Cream, P200
Jessica, 24: “I’ve been using this for more than a week now, and I must say, [I’ve] tried a lot of underarm whitening products but…THIS ONE had the best result so far! I use it twice a day, morning and nighttime. Also, the smelI and texture is good as well. It dries fast when applied. I will try the Underarm Scrub to see if there will be a faster result.”

Diva White Underarm Antiperspirant and Whitening Deodorant, P80
Anne, 31: “I tried several UA sprays and dito lang ako hiyang. This product doesn’t sting unlike other branded UA sprays na nagamit ko. It lightens my UA and this is my second purchase. Madaling gamitin, easily dries, and definitely confident ka whole day. Very effective against sweat and body odor kaya bet ko ‘to. One of my faves.”

Skinlush Whiten Thy Pit, P250
Stephanie, 30: “I shave my underarms every week (I know, I know, I should really invest in a laser treatment). But anyway, while the close shave keeps them smooth, I think the constant friction has contributed to the darkening of my pits over the years. CRY! Enter: this miracle cream. After taking my evening bath, I take a dollop of this and rub it over my underarms as my nighttime deodorant. It doesn’t really smell like much? Just a regular beauty cream? But boy oh BOY does this help brighten the skin! You just have to be consistent in your usage, and you’ll notice a much more uniform tone very soon. It took only two weeks for me to spot the difference!”

Fairness & Flawless Sgt. At Arms+ Underarm Whitening Cream, P250
Angelyn, 28: “Been using this for a month now and I’m really amazed! I use this together with the deo spray from the same brand for my underarms and this plus the Magic Balm from Skinpotions for my bikini area. The result is great—my underarm [area] is now smoother, and my bikini area is lighter. Will continue to use this! I just hope they have a bigger tub though.”

Beaublends Underarm Whitening Deo Solution, P400
Jam, 21: “All I can say is that this product will definitely give it to you. I have dark and sweaty underarms. At first I am hesitant to use this as my deodorant alone [because] I don’t want to sweat at work. But hell, I gave it a shot and it really exceeded my expectation. I am sweat and odor free and can raise my hands up every time. It makes my underarms looks lighter and softer. YOU’RE KILLING IT!!!!!!!!!!”