You wouldn’t believe what skincare can do for your face until you’ve tried a proper serum. The South Korean beauty industry has made a killing off of these slippery formulas, known for their lightweight feel and potent, fast-acting contents. Depending on its active ingredient, a serum can have transformative effects on problems like acne scars, large pores, dry patches, and fine lines. And because the actives in it have smaller molecules than most other treatments (which lets the serum penetrate the skin deeper, faster), the speed at which it works is a true marvel.

We’d pinky-swear to prove it—but for practicality’s sake, we’ll just show you our customers’ reviews. Here are 6 hard-working Korean serums they’ve fallen hard for.

Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum, on sale at P1,010 (limited time only)
Jessica, 24, Combination Skin: “This was an impulse buy but I am so glad I stumbled [on] this product. I didn’t really pay attention to what was written on the tin until it turned up on my doorstep and even then I just started using it every day and night, not knowing to expect. Imagine my amazement when, after a month of using it, I started to notice that my skin was definitely smoother and softer. I started getting compliments left and right and people have been asking me what foundation I had on even though I didn’t put any. I am pretty sure it was this product that should get the recognition, along with Dear Klair’s Vitamin C drops. I bought them together because I got the impression that they complement each other. And they do! I’m using this for the rest of my life.”

DewyTree Tea Tree Porest Moist Silky Serum, P1,199
Ianne, 29, Oily Skin: “I love this product! I’ve been using it for almost a week now, five days to be specific, and I already see great improvement. My friends even commented on how my skin improved. Acne breakouts [are] common for me as a result of hormonal imbalance. This product has saved me and cleared my acne in just five days! Amazing, really. My pores appear clearer, my acne [has] calmed down, and the breakouts have lessened. The serum is easy to apply, quickly absorbed, and gives a smooth silky finish. It’s not matte but it does not appear dewy, just perfect for our weather. The price is quite steep but it’s worth every penny! I will definitely repurchase!”

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula YE Effector, P599
Kristin, 30, Combination Skin: “Yes, you read that right! I’ve been using this twice daily for two weeks and the results are nothing short of amazing! In just two weeks, I noticed that my skin looked less tired! [It] made my skin smooth, younger-looking, and bright! I didn’t expect this to help in brightening my skin but it did! Sometimes I think that my face looks better with only toner, this serum, and sunblock. I think the whole bottle can last me only a month, a little expensive maybe as other serums can even last up to 3 months. But it’s worth every peso I spent so maybe it’s worth hoarding still! Thank you for the reviews—led me to this!”

Tiam My Signature C Source, P899
Charmagne, 24, Oily Skin: “I have oily skin with small dry patches around my nose and chin. My skin also has a problem with healing scars from pimples [that] I or my husband pop sometimes (I mean, who’s not tempted to get rid of pesky zits?). It takes months and months for those dark brown spots to fade and I was DYING to get rid of them ‘cause I look like I have a really bad case of acne when I’m not wearing my trusty foundation and concealer. BUT, when I tried this, I noticed that my dark marks lightened just after 3 days! The scent sets me off a bit when I apply it, but it fades when I let it set for 20 minutes and apply my moisturizer. I’m 2 weeks in now and it significantly helped my complexion and I don’t have as much breakouts as I did before. Can’t wait to see more improvements in the upcoming weeks. And oh, now I can go out with just sunscreen and translucent powder on. Yey! Girls, get one! Now!”

Pyungkang Yul Moisture Serum, P1,250
Celina, 25, Combination Skin: “I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve been loving it. It absorbs well into my skin and leaves it hydrated. I usually use it at night. No unnecessary fragrance for those who don’t like having strong scents in their skincare products. Since the product is a bit thick, it’s a bit hard to use the dropper. But other than that, definitely love it.”

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, on sale at P820 (limited time only)
Jyl, 33, Dry Skin: “I usually apply two pumps per application, every morning before going out and evening when going to sleep. I cannot even begin to tell everyone how AMAZING this product is! Throughout the day my skin feels absolutely hydrated, and coupled with peel off masks on a weekly basis (I’ve been using this for a little over a month now), people have been telling me how less stressed I seem to look because of my skin. My skin has tremendously improved that I only apply pressed powder in the morning with no need of retouching the entire day. Will I recommend this product? Hell yes. Will I buy it again? Definitely!”