It gives your makeup a finishing touch, slakes the thirst of dehydrated skin, and freshens your face in the middle of the day. Why wouldn’t you want a mist in your life? Facial sprays are particularly indispensable in the warm months, when the humidity bears down hard. Imagine the punishing heat of a post-lunch summer day; then, imagine your face being enveloped in a cool, fragrant cloud. Heaven, really. Take it from our customers, who say the following six mists are “fresh-makers.”

Beauty Bakery Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist, P265
Yvane, 20, Sensitive Skin: “I’ve been applying this after moisturising, after putting on my daily make-up, and every time I needed to freshen up from long walks and [my] commute for three weeks now. It [has] this mild scent and a cooling feeling every time you spray it on your face, plus you’ll see how it makes your pores smaller! Love this!”
Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist, P685
Tina, 29, Sensitive Skin: “I use this literally everyday. I have one in my work desk, one in my car, and one at home… I love this during workouts, after putting my make-up on, after lunch or in the middle of my day, during a long-haul flight, after a short flight, whenever I need a pick-me-up, when I need to rush out of the house without time to bathe, after I do my house chores, after walking my dog… I love this, because it really refreshes/hydrates and cleanses my face. I loooove it. I need it. You need this.”

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder in Mist, P395
Bin, 25, Combination Skin: “This is the first face mist I’ve tried so I do not have products to compare it to. Nevertheless, it is effective [in] setting my make up and also refreshing it after a couple of hours, It doesn’t have an off-putting odor and it does leave my face feeling really soft and shine-free. It also makes my matte BB cream or foundation look less flat without making my face shine. Just a bit of dew on the cheeks.”

Benton Honest TT Mist, P450
Rozza, 27, Oily Skin: “My skin is oily/dehydrated, and the office air-conditioning just makes my skin’s dehydration worse. This is the second Benton product I have tried. It’s a nice mist to spray on during lunch break; keeps my base makeup looking fresh. Non-irritating, soothing formula. I love that it’s fragrance-free too.”

Brown Belly Swimwear Aloe Vera Mist After Sun Spray, P280
Dinne, 42, Dry Skin: “This one is a very refreshing mist that I use always. It says its for sunburned skin but I use it for a quick refresh[er] and the sensation is great. It perks up my skin and makes it dewy.”

Pixi by Petra Glow Mist, P975
Joanne, 36, Combination Skin: “I read very good reviews of this product before I actually purchased it. My skin can sometimes appear dull and I considered the Glow Mist a product that might help make my face look more fresh and alive. It only took one try for me to believe all the reviews. It smells amazing! It also has a cooling effect that makes your skin feel very refreshed. It adds a dewy effect [on] the skin and a little bit of shine without the oil component. It is also a perfect makeup base and helps keep [makeup] on for a longer period of time. It also enhances [the] makeup products [you’ve] applied whether you go for the full look or just the simple powder and blush. Two [thumbs] up for this!”