In case you didn’t know, it’s true that some deodorants can darken your underarms. Those that contain harsh chemicals can cause hyper-pigmentation. Others have abrasive formulas that create friction, which in turn, creates discoloration. You might not even realize you’re using one of them until it’s too late!

Thankfully, there are a lot of good guys, too. The 5 deodorants below are so effective in restoring fairness under the arms, our customers pretty much swear by them. If you’re dealing with deep, dark pits, these deos might just save you in a pinch!

Diva White Antiperspirant Whitening Deo, P80
Ayn, 33, Tan Skin: “I’m super satisfied with this product! It really does keep your underarms dry and odor-free. I love that my underarms feel powdery soft and dry ever since I’ve tried this. I’ve been using this product for a week now and so far it’s the best deo and antiperspirant I’ve ever used! I also noticed that my underarms are lighter now and smoother. I’ve already bought 3 backups. Will keep repurchasing again and again!”

Fairness & Flawless Sgt. at Arms Deo Spray, P159
Joy, 23, Medium Skin: “I’ve been using this for 3 weeks, and can I just say, this is really helping me whiten my armpits. I also noticed that my chicken skin is gradually being lessened. I will continue using this and am planning to get the cream for underarm whitening as well. This is a must-try and very affordable. I’ll stock up on this!”

Beaublends Underarm Whitening Deo Solution, P400
Princess, 27, Medium Skin: “It’s been three weeks since this little gem of a bottle came [to] my doorstep. I immediately swiped it on my pits and since then, it’s become a habit to see the darkness fade away. What I liked most about this is its scent; that licorice smell isn’t too harsh. It’s the very first product I’ve tried here and I’m glad I did. I’ll also try buying the cream, though I guess I’ll save that for later when it’s been a month since I’ve used this [deodorant]. I’ll definitely buy this again.”

GT Cosmetics GT Whitening Deodorant, now on sale at P88 (limited time only)
Ira, 33, Medium Skin: “This product was introduced to me by a friend who has the same problem as I do—dark underarms. I started using it [and have been using it] for almost a month now. I have tried a lot of whitening deos all my life, even organic ones, but by far, this is the only deo that made my underarms lighter and kept [them] dry all day.”

Skin Genie Pit Perfect Whitening Deodorant Spray, P250
Mary, 23, Fair Skin: “My UA darkened when I tried a certain hair removal product. Since then, I have tried so many underarm whitening deos but this is the only product that effectively and gently whitened my underarms. I love how it dries fast and feels lightweight on skin and how it prevents my underarms from sweating. Perfect deo for people with sensitive skin!”