As if pimples themselves weren’t punishment enough, we’re always left to deal with their aftermath: dark spots. You know, those stubborn scars that linger for months—or, God forbid, years.

Before you abandon all hope, find comfort in this fact: dark spots are not permanent. At least, not when you own one of these 6 spot-erasing miracles! Their potent healing ingredients exorcise the ghosts of your pimply past, making it seem like they were never there to begin with. Blemishes, be gone!

VMV Hypoallergenics Illuminants+ Treatment Toner, P2,195 Krystelle, 28, Combination Skin: “I alternate using this and VMV’s acne toner. Both are superb products. This one really helps brighten and clarifies the skin from blemishes. It does help lighten scars gradually the only downside is the hefty price tag. It’s the most expensive among vmv’s toners but definitely one of their best!! Highly recommended :-)”

Farmstay Grape Stem Cell Whitening Ampoule, now on sale at P590 (limited time only) Nizel, 33, Sensitive Skin: “Been using this for months. This is a must have for me! I don’t use foundation or powder on my face. It is easily absorbed. It doesnt have chemical smells. I like this product because it leaves my skin supple, moisturized and fresh all day. I am using it with Witch hazel toner and nutrogeana water gel along with Biore water based Sunblock spf 50 for my daily moisturising routine. I must say they all work well for me. When it comes to the brightening/whitening effect I don’t have dark spots occasionally a pimple but never had a single dark spots ever since I started using this serum.”

C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum, P899 Charmagne, 24, Oily Skin: “I have oily skin with small dry patches around my nose and chin. My skin also has a problem with healing scars from pimples i or my husband pop sometimes (i mean, who’s not tempted to get rid of pesky zits?). It takes months and months for those dark brown spots to fade and i was DYING to get rid of them coz i look like i have a really bad case of acne when i’m not wearing my trusty foundation and concealer. BUT, when i tried this, i noticed that my dark marks lightened just after 3 days! The scent sets me off a bit when i apply it though but it fades when i let it set for 20 mins and apply my moisturizer. I’m 2 weeks in now and it significantly helped my complexion and i don’t have as much breakouts as i did before. Can’t wait to see more improvements in the upcoming weeks. And oh, now i can go out with just sunscreen and transluscent powder on. Yey! Girls, get one! Now!”

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, P900 Lexi, 23, Sensitive Skin: “I did my research on Benton and I was aware of all the drama that happened with this particular product back in 2007, but I wanted to try it for myself anyway. In good faith, I believed that the website wouldn’t be selling this if they hadn’t double-checked the current quality. My trust was rewarded with better looking skin - in fact, I’m currently enjoying the best skin I’ve had IN YEARS. After dealing with so much pimple-popping, blackhead-extracting, acne breakouts and all, my skin was left in such a bad state that I couldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup on to hide my discoloration and marks. But using this, sparingly at first, has hastened the healing process immensely. It absorbs fast, it has no harsh smell, and it’s jam packed with all the good stuff from nature. Some people call it hype, but I call it a miracle worker. Also, you only need one pump for your whole face! Please, please give this Snail Bee High Content Essence a try. It really worked for me, and I hope other success stories come out into the light too <3”

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula LI Effector (30ml), P599 Decry, 22, Combination Skin: “While using this my skin felt and looked really healthy. After finishing the entire bottle on my face and neck the effect was evident, dark spots lightened and my face looked brighter. It is recommended to use 2-3 drops for the entire face and neck but I use 5 drops each use instead since it is lightweight and easily absorbed. The serum is a yellowish viscous liquid with a very faint, almost nothing, scent. My skin didn’t have any of unwanted reactions from this.”

V&M Naturals CPC+G Oil (30ml), now on sale at P263 (limited time only) Mich, 35, Combination Skin: “I’ve been using this product for about a month and I can say that this is really effective in lightening dark spots. I’ve been using this on old pimple marks and on my elbows. Within just a month, I’ve already seen immediate lightening on the dark spots on my face and on my elbows. This product is definitely worth the price and I will surely purchase again.”