When you’re up for long hours and lack beauty sleep, eyebags and stressed-out skin are a guarantee. Luckily, there’s makeup to erase the fatigue written all over your face. Below, find 6 concealers that’ll pull you together faster than a double shot of espresso. Our regulars love ‘em!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, P199
Chloe, 20, Medium Skin: “This is the first concealer that I used and the one I’m using ‘til now. I have finished a tube of it and re-purchased another one here a few months ago. I have really dark and big eye bags from late nights so I bought this product. I like how my dark circles disappeared in an instant and made it seem like I had long hours of sleep. Definitely a must have! Will repurchase again once I run out.”

Milani 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer, P599
Jiane, 20, Medium Skin: “Found this in my friend’s makeup kit and I fell in love with it instantly! It has amazing coverage and my skin color shade! I ordered the moment I saw it on BeautyMNL and it was delivered the next day! Will surely buy again.”

W7 Go Corrective Concealer, P299
Amii, 18, Fair Skin: “I have really dark under eye circles that are way bigger than my eyes. I have tried yellow concealer, but it didn’t look right on my Japanese skin tone. Tried pink concealer, wasn’t bright enough. Now that I came across this affordable lavender cream corrector, I definitely had to get my hands on this. And I don’t regret a thing! A little dip into the jar goes a long way, is efficient, and is affordable. I don’t think I’ll run out in a year or two, haha. Who’d ask for more? I don’t think I can live without you now that I’ve met you, baby.”

SFR Concealer and Corrector Palette, now on sale at P349 (limited time only)
Lily, 25, Fair Skin: “I like to try out new brands and play makeup artist so a concealer corrector palette is a must-have for me. I am also all about handy products because while I like to feel like a makeup artist, I don’t like carrying so many pro-size items around, so this definitely works for me. Here you get six shades that you can use on their own or mix and match. You can use them to conceal, highlight, and color correct. I’m pleasantly surprised that the quality is pretty good for the price. You can practice and experiment without breaking the bank, a great beauty find!”

NYX Professional MakeUp Concealer Palette, P620
Maria, 22, Medium Skin: “This conceals and color matches well with Filipina skin types and tones! It corrects and conceals just the way it should. It’s pretty dense so you kind of need to apply lightly. Nonetheless, it’s pretty great for everyday make up! Will get this again! I also have the brightly colored palette. I love NYX!”

Suesh Concealer & Corrector Pots, now on sale at P100 (limited time only)
Coco, 25, Medium Skin: “Small pot of product but it’ll last for a long time. It’s been almost 3 months since I purchased it, but the pot is still almost full. Other shades weren’t available when I purchased the C207. I was afraid it was too light for my skin tone but it blends surprisingly well. Definitely not an all-around color corrector, but it works well to conceal dark areas under my eyes and a few blemish spots here and there.”