Who says you can’t zap zits, soothe red spots, and pave dry patches while you’re out and about? Blemish care isn’t just an evening ritual—it’s an all-day lifestyle. If your nightly tea tree mask is getting you nowhere, give one of these guys a whirl! Our customers swear by their healing power and day-friendly wear.

COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads, P900
Angela, 19, Normal Skin: “This product definitely helped with my acne. It has a citrus smell that isn’t over powering and it helps mildly exfoliate everyday. It isn’t drying at all (actually quite moisturizing). It makes my makeup look great before I put on foundation, and the packaging is sooo cute.”
Jonaima, 19, Combination Skin: “I wanted to buy this because this is raved [about] by Korean YouTubers. When you open it, you would notice the chemical smell [but] you won’t mind it because it works! IT WORKS! I used it when I noticed my period was coming and it won the battle! I did not have breakouts! The pad was also thin (tipid!).”

VMV Red Better Daily Therapy Moisturizer, P915
Ces, 34, Sensitive Skin: “I have sensitive combination skin. Got this because I needed a soothing moisturizer to deal with my dry patches. At first I thought it was far too heavy and stopped using it. After a while though I realized a little goes a long way. Started using a lot less product and not applying much on my oily areas like nose and central forehead. Worked like a charm. Soothes my dry cheeks instantly, ensures my cheek tint glides and does not streak. Since using this with the Red Better Cleanser, I no longer get my monthly red itchy bumps attack and my skin is a lot more calm and stable. Worth every cent.”

Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Day Cream, on sale at P120
Janice, Oily Skin: “Sooper Beaute’s Pimple-Away Day Cream is a godsend. It helps control acne and gets rid of it in record time. No sting, no tears. And I so happy that we could find topnotch, high quality, true-blue Proudly Pinoy products here on BeautyMNL!”
Loren, 25, Combination Skin: “If you’re on a tight budget and have breakouts, you should try this product. It dries out pimples. It doesn’t have the best smell (but who cares really, if it solves your acne issues, right?). It’s not so sticky also. I put this on if I have to go out and [am] experiencing some zit problems. I only bought the day cream though…I should have purchased the night cream as well.

V&M Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil, P960
Robelaine, 22, Dry Skin: “I have really bad asthma and a few months ago, it had gotten really bad that it was already manifesting in my skin—especially my face (right under eye area was left bruised and flaky from scratching). Everything my dermatologist had prescribed were too strong and I only felt my skin burning. Nothing worked until I decided to go natural. I applied this morning and night after cleansing. After several uses, I noticed a significant amount of change. I’m so happy with this product as I still use it by mixing in a pea size with my daily moisturizer.”
Dana, 26, Oily Skin: “I have [had] the Emu Oil for about 4 months now and I use it mainly if I have skin imperfections like wounds, acne, allergies, etc. It really works wonders and my skin easily absorbs the oil. I even used [it] for my dad’s dry skin and so far, the oil made his skin softer and the hard skin is slowly peeling off. I have not used it consistently on my underarms but I want to continue using it to test if it removes chicken skin.”

Beauty Bakery Clarifying Witch Hazel Mist, P265
Jornie, 33, Combination Skin: “I simply love this product. It made my pores appear smaller than they are. It has a super mild scent which you can barely notice. I have oily, acne prone skin, and it did wonders to my face in just a couple of weeks of using this product. It comes in a pretty bottle also. The verdict? [Five] stars!”
Monette, Oily Skin: “I use Beauty Bakery’s Facial Mist every break time at work. It’s refreshing and relaxing. My face is usually shiny and oily especially in the afternoon, I’m glad there’s this facial mist. It helps control the shine and with regular use, it also keep acne at bay. After a tiring day at work, this is really a special treat for working ladies out there. Too bad it’s frequently out of stock. For the price and quality—I wish I could give more than 5 stars.”

Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm, P750
Aryan, 25, Sensitive Skin: “This product makes me more beautiful! It makes my face oil free. At [the] first month of using it, I can see obvious improvements on my face. The dark spots lightened. The pimple marks are almost gone. It is so amazing! Among [all the] other products that I’ve tried, I will highly recommend this!”