See the signs of a zit-astrophe on the horizon? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably panicking. But working yourself into a frenzy will only make things worse! What you need to do is keep calm and pop on a healing mask.

Sheet masks work like magic because they push potent serums deep into your skin. In just half an hour, they can soothe inflammation, bring down redness, and control budding breakouts. Can you imagine the power of wearing one overnight? Our customers do it all the time—and these 5 anti-acne masks have their absolute allegiance. All under P150!

Water Angel Snail Aloe Mask, now on sale at P138 (limited time only)
Jocelyn, 32, Normal Skin: “My skin was so supple afterwards, and when I woke up the next day, my skin was still soft and looked so refreshed. I was hesitant to use this mask at first because I had a mini break out on my chin. But as I was reading the mask label, I saw that the mask also had anti-inflammation properties! So I decided to put the mask on and was so pleasantly surprised when my breakout actually calmed down the next day!”

CosRX Holy Moly Snail Mask, now on sale at P105 (limited time only)
Alexandrea, 18, Sensitive Skin: “I use this every time I have an active pimple and this works amazingly on minimizing scarring. I love how this makes my skin so soft and supple. It leaves a glowy and radiant look! I love this. I will definitely repurchase! I even use the left over essence with some compressed masks, hehe.”

Innisfree Tea Tree Mask, P65
AJ, 23, Oily Skin: “I’ve been really impressed with these face mask sheets – especially with this tea tree mask! It’s super hydrating and so amazing on the skin. I also noticed that it helped lessen the redness of my pimples after leaving the essence over night. And also the good thing here is, the excess liquid inside the pack can also be applied everywhere else, like your arms and neck!”

Baroness Pomegranate Mask, P60
Aimee, 20, Sensitive Skin: “I love Baroness masks! I love this variant because it takes good care of my troubled spots. I used to break out a lot and this one really worked its magic in keeping my breakouts at bay. If you want to treat your skin to something healthy, using mask sheets will not only make it soft and supple, it will also help heal those stubborn spots and breakouts!”

Dearberry Whiteful Mask, now on sale at P84 (limited time only)
Jonnie, 23, Combination Skin: “This is one of the masks that I’ve been using to complete my Korean skin care routine and it always pampers my skin. It feels very refreshing, very clean, very satisfying. It lightens my blemishes, heals my pimples, and even prevents some of my pimples from growing. I’m on my fifth use of this mask and I’ll definitely repurchase.”