Keeping your body hairless is a pain to maintain when you don’t have the time. Sure, you could always shave off the fuzz, but the likelihood of ingrown hairs and skin-darkening makes it far from ideal. So, to spare themselves the trouble (and the expense), more people are trying their hand at sugaring.

Also known as sugar waxing, sugaring uses an all-natural, honey-like paste to remove body hair. Unlike heated wax, this safer alternative won’t burn or irritate your skin. Also, it hurts much less. Just apply it where you need it, then pull! Once you get the hang of the process, you’ll be free from hair in minutes—all in the comfort of your own home. Take a peek at some of our customers’ fave sugar waxes, below!

Skin Genie Sweet Sugar Candy Wax, P150 Irene, 26, Combination Skin: “This is probably the best DIY sugaring wax I ever bought and I tried quite a lot. The hair sticks quite well and pulling it doesn’t hurt (or maybe it will hurt for first time users). It’s also easy to clean up after. On the issue of it melting, I used it in front of a fan, with a cold bowl of water beside it (for keeping my fingers clean after every batch of wax) and it didn’t really melt that much. The ones I used before melted faster and left quite a mess. This one, it only turn to a taffy-ish consistency (it actually looks like an opaque candy).”

Sweet Solutions Cold Sugar Wax, P350 Beau, 33, Oily Skin: “I use this all over my legs and I like the effect of it. I love that it gently pulls the hair out from my skin without hurting so much. I also love how this Cold Sugar Wax is very easy to use and how it adheres really great on the skin. I also used it once on my upper lips and it did well.”

Leiania House of Beauty Organic Sugaring Wax, P405 Claire, 28, Sensitive Skin: “It’s my first time trying a sugar wax and I was surprised at how effective this was! It picks up hair easily with such a small amount and didn’t cause any itchiness whatsoever. I also love how it’s all organic which makes me less paranoid about putting this on my sensitive skin. Can’t believe I went to waxing salons all this time when this is much more budget-friendly. Will definitely repurchase!”

Bare Body Essentials Bare Body Sugaring Wax (200g), P220 Phoebe, 16, Sensitive Skin: “Best natural hair removal wax ever! Been using this for years now and I’m never going back to resin waxes and other waxes. It’s very challenging to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will feel like you’re just playing and you’ll notice that it’s less painful than others as the thick sugar paste is the one that firmly holds the hair before pulling.”

Strip It Big Kit (300g), P294 Allison, 20, Oily Skin: “Okay guys and girls, this product stays true to what it claims. It is indeed 50% less painful than your ordinary wax. I’ve tried to get waxed before but it was always too painful for me so I rather just shave. But this? This changed everything! The strip kit is so beginner friendly I swear to god, I didn’t have a tough time. It’s easy and it’s totally less painful. It hurt a little bit to put the wax on though… but stripping it off wasn’t. Which is weird. I don’t know if I was doing it wrong but the results were gorgeous. I feel much more confident in showing around my pits.”