We’re stuck right now in what insiders call the “transitional season.” Beach weather is drawing to a close but it’s still hot and humid. Meanwhile, typhoon season hasn’t officially started, but it’s already raining cats and dogs!
Because of how temperamental the weather is, it’s the ideal time to invest in a powder. The right formula should fight the excess shine that surfaces in fickle climes. And if you’re lucky, that fighting power will extend to both perspiration and precipitation. Here are five powders that have garnered our customers’ praise.

Maybelline ClearSmooth Pressed Powder, P169
Katrina, 19, Combination Skin: “This is my absolute favorite pressed powder because it offers such great coverage and it keeps me super matte. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and gets rid of that unwanted oily look. It’s so easy to keep in your bag and it’s lasted me for more than 5 months now! You are going to have to reapply [your] blush and highlight if you plan on using this [powder] to touch-up within the day as it does have a pretty heavy coverage. Like, really heavy. But that’s just one of the reasons why I love it even more. Bye-bye shiny face! Hello, fresh all day!”

NYX Blotting Powder, P620
Chariz, 20, Combination Skin: “Seriously, I could give this a 6 star rating if only that’s possible. In the past, I always change powders (from one brand to another). My face tends to get oily hours after I put my makeup on. This blotting powder is my greatest discovery this year. I will never switch to another powder again. It takes away the shine and it looks very natural, just the way I love. I never leave the house without it in case I may need some saving throughout the day.”
Dara, 19, Oily Skin: “As a person with incredibly oily skin, this powder truly does help A LOT. [W]hen it comes to keeping my oils in control and my face matte for as long as possible throughout the day…this is an absolutely great powder. The fact that it does what it says [in] the description and being at such an affordable price…this product is definitely such a steal!”

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Pact, P495
Anne, Sensitive Skin: “I bought 2 of [these] due to a lot of very good reviews and I must say that it really absorbs excess oil. Believe it or not, I only apply this once a day before going out. It’s really effective and affordable for me. No need to apply more than once. It doesn’t dry my face.”

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Pact, P759
Andrea, 22, Combination Skin: “My #1 problem when I put makeup is my face becomes super oily midday, even if I use foundation and powder to set it! This powder controlled that and made my makeup appear better. No issues with breakouts so far. I might try some of their other products if they become available!”
Belle, 30, Sensitive Skin: “Perfect for oily skin! I love this pact, it feels light on my skin and does not have any potent smell. This is a perfect finishing powder on top of any BB creams or foundation. What I love best about this [stuff] is that it lasts long and it helps my skin not to oil up even after the whole day. I’ll always have this in stock!”

RCMA No Color Powder, P900
Dominique, 25, Combination Skin: “This product is a cult favorite, my favorite beauty vloggers rave about it and beauty addicts swear by it! And now I understand why! It’s perfect for setting your make up and baking as well! No need for touchups anymore! Guaranteed no oil, cak[ing], and creas[ing] all day!”