Just like your face, your underarms can be prone to irritation. The sad news is that this irritation could very well be caused by your deodorant. Many deodorants and anti-perspirants contain toxins that clog pores, trigger allergies, and even darken skin in the long run. The side effects might not be visible now, but it’ll only be a matter of time before those pristine pits turn problematic.

Time to switch to something more natural! Take your cue from our customers, who’ve tossed out traditional deos for these 5 gentle formulas. Made with all-natural ingredients, these sprays and sticks won’t lead to rashes, darkened skin, or extra stink. Scroll to see!

Skin Genie Pit Perfect Whitening Deodorant Spray, P250 Julie, 31,Sensitive Skin: “I have very sensitive skin due to skin asthma. Even the most gentle commercial deodorants has caused allergic reactions to my UA. I tried this deodorant and I did not get any allergic reactions at all! It does not sting and my UA smells good as well even after a long day. I still have to check though if the whitening part will work since I have been using this product for around 2 weeks only. Anyway, I’m happy that it does not cause me allergies.”

Deofresh Aloe Mineral Deodorant Tawas Stick, P140 Alessandra, 22, Combination Skin: “My mom suggested that I use tawas as a deodorant for my underarms, because it does not contain harmful chemicals. I used tawas for a while, but then I found it a little bit hassle to get a pinch of tawas from a small tub and they get really messy. Thankfully, I found Deo tawas stick. It works just like tawas but better! It is more soothing to the skin and it smells great. Plus, I do not have to deal with messy tawas ever again.”

Pili Elemie Crystal Deodorant (45g), P190 Sharon, 39, Sensitive Skin: “I highly recommend this crystalline antiperspirant to the sweaty types. I super like this product because it does not leave a sticky feeling that you get from roll on deodorant – which stains my favorite shirts and sometimes destroy it because of the strong chemicals. Another reason to love this product – this healed cystic acne or what looks like lump because of ingrown hair or razor bumps I love it! it’s my first time to use after discovering this in BeautyMNL and I plan to use it forever and ever. Amen!”

Leiania House of Beauty Eco-Deo Roll On, P200 Evelyn, 37, Combination Skin: “At first glance this product looked so unassuming that I under estimated it. I have been using this product for over a month already and I’m loving the results! Very easy to use, takes a few minutes to dry but is surprisingly not sticky, gives my armpits more of a velvety feel, even if I sweat out a lot during the day there’s still no stink at the end of the day, it’s like going back to using the good old powdered tawas in liquid form but without the abrasive rash inducing effect, and the bonus; the complexion and texture of my underarms improved a lot!”

Skinpotions Garden Fresh Picked Deo, P250 Jel, 24, Oily Skin: “Heaven sent! This is the only deo that works on me. Will keep you fresh even if you’ve been active the whole day. I even use it on my back and chest to feel refreshed (I hope it’s okay since it’s organic). My UA is so sensitive and almost all the commercial deos/antiperspirants I tried irritates it. It doesn’t stop the sweat but based on my experience, the sweat dries quickly and is not sticky. Will definitely hoard! Thank you Skin Potions!”