They’re the modern-day equivalents of magic potions—and conveniently enough, they fit right inside your purse. Multi-purpose balms (also called salves) are godsends for this generation because they do so much with so little. Some alleviate headaches while clearing the sinuses; others relieve insect bites and seal up small cuts. One particular favorite among breastfeeding moms can even soothe dry lips and raw nips (helpful). So in case you’re new to these multi-hyphenate formulas, here are five our customers swear by. All made by Filipinos!

Zenutrients All Is Well Balm, P248
Carmela, 25: “Just like the All Is Well Roll-On, this greatly helps with my headaches. I don’t even need to pop a Paracetamol pill anymore (been avoiding being dependent on meds every time I feel slight pain). Furthermore, this is a good replacement to the ever so popular Vics. Rub it on your head, nose, chest—basically anywhere—for that comforting, cooling feeling. You’ll definitely feel better in no time.”

USE IT FOR: Headaches, insect bites, cough and colds

Organic Alley Miracle Salve, on sale at P284 (limited time only)
Kristine, 35: “I have been using this on my underarms intermittently for about a year and I’m quite happy with it. My underarms don’t really sweat so I use this as a deodorant during the cooler months of the year; however, now that it’s summer, I’ve felt the need to use something a little stronger. I also use this after getting a bikini wax and it helps post-waxing rashes from forming.”

USE IT FOR: Moisturizing the lips, heels, and cuticles; whitening dark underarms and pigmented spots; soothing freshly waxed skin

Be Organic Cocoa & Shea Healing Salve, P200
Anna, 23: “I’ve been using this product for only 3 days and it significantly improved my wound. I popped a pimple, causing it to be inflamed, and the skin scraped off. It helped reduce redness, improved the appearance [of the pimple], and helped my skin to heal. I have no adverse effects from using this salve. I recommend this for those with sensitive skin!”
Veronica, 45: “The best alternative to treating skin irritation due to bug bites! We ran out of our herbal anti-itch cream and I was wondering if there were other good anti-itch creams out there that smelled good. This was a good alternative! My son immediately warmed to the idea of using this.”

USE IT FOR: Insect bites, blisters, wounds, and inflamed acne

Human Nature Soothing Balm, P100
Alexa, 18: “I’m a big fan of balms like these. I always have to bring one with me because I easily get dizzy. I don’t like riding taxi cabs because it makes me feel ill, but there are times when I really have to. And sometimes, when I ride cars, the artificial scent of oranges and lemons combined with the air conditioner makes me feel ill, too. So this Soothing Balm is an absolute lifesaver! When I start to feel dizzy, I immediately put some on my temples and outside my nostrils. It really feels (and smells) good.”

USE IT FOR: Tension, muscle pain, nausea, and congestion

Leiania House of Beauty Butter Lip Therapy, P505
Andrea, 23: “I took a chance with this product and I’m sooo glad I did. I have had perpetually chapped lips since childhood to the point where I used to get infections on the sides of my mouth that led to scarring. I’ve tried everything…but this WORKED the first time I put it on. In just 5 minutes, my lips were feeling much better. Also, the pot is very small so it might seem like you’re not getting a lot of product, but a little goes a long, long way! It’s hard to waste product too, because it’s actually solid and only melts when you touch it.”
Jonalyn, 26: “This Butter Lip Therapy is a holy grail balm. It’s very safe to use ‘cause it’s organic and vegan. I use this when I have sore nipples due to first feeding, and I also put it on my baby when she gets mosquito bites. It was very effective and soothing. Until now I’m using this as a lip balm every night to prevent [chapped], dry lips. It’s is highly recommended.”

USE IT FOR: Chapped lips and sore nips