Skin looking a little worse for wear? All you need is a good wash-off mask. These rinsable formulas fight dryness, dullness, and stress with a healthy dose of moisture. All in a matter of minutes, mind you!

If your face needs a little loving, look no further than the 5 recos below. Our customers will attest to their makeover power—all you need to do is set aside the me-time. Bye-bye, sallow—hello, soft glow!

Innisfree Green Tea Capsule Recipe Pack, now on sale at P90 (limited time only)
Micaela, 22, Combination Skin: “I’ve been using this for a while and I love it. I’ve gone through 2 capsules of this and it feels so soft and good for the skin. I use this for my night routine and it does not disappoint. It does moisturize and feels really good when it’s cold. It’s also perfect for dry skin and feels light as well. It’s worth the money. I would repurchase it. Recommending this product.”

I’m From Honey Mask, now on sale at P1,485 (limited time only)
Bea, 22, Normal Skin: “This honey mask has a great rep around the Korean beauty lovers of the internet. I can see why because when I tried this on, my face felt really nice and soft. It’s also natural and safe to use everyday. It gives my skin a glow every single time too.”

Banila Co. The Blacks Hydrating Gel Mask (Bamboo), P695
Wendy, 45, Combination Skin: “I have been using this for two weeks now. I am not disappointed at all. After first use, I noticed that my skin felt hydrated, soft, and dewy. You only need a little to put a little on your face at night… so I think this will last for several months. The scent is also good and relaxing, as if you are in a spa. Will definitely repurchase.”

Mizon Sweet Honey Mask, now on sale at P456 (limited time only)
Denisse, 22, Oily Skin: “I’ve been getting these random, dry patches the past few weeks that even my daily moisturizer can’t soothe over. A friend recommended this honey mask to me and I swear, this has made all the difference! After using this a couple of times, not only did my dry patches disappear, my skin has gotten super soft and radiant. Definitely stocking up!”

Aloe Derma Brightening Facial Mask, P590
Karina, 26, Combination Skin: “Great, great product. I really love this as on application, it feels cool and refreshing. After taking it off, I just love that my skin feels so hydrated and supple. Also, I look more radiant. I use this mask before I tone my skin. This product just keeps my age at bay. Great buy!”

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