Blemishes are brought about by so many factors: oily diet, careless hygiene, the wrong makeup, and so on. Eventually, these lead to breakouts–which, in turn, leave you with dark marks. Shadowy reminders of your poor choices, so to speak!

They say there’s always concealer—but once you wash off your makeup, those marks will still be there. Want them gone for good? Our customers have come to the conclusion that Asian skincare is the answer. Here are 5 dark spot solutions that can bring you flawless skin. You just have to be patient!

COSRX Advanced Snail Power Essence, now on sale at P873 (limited time only)
Silvia, 23, Oily Skin: “I just love love love this product so much! Holy snail, you are amazing. Using this product results to faster healing of pimples and not leaving harsh scars and dark spots. It also helps in lightening my existing pimple scars. My skin becomes firm and smooth and I noticed a beautiful difference. I love it. Definitely worth buying!”

It’s Skin Power 10 WH Effector, now on sale at P390 (limited time only)
Ma. Cattleya, 23, Oily Skin: “This is my first essence ever, and I’m glad that I picked this one. It definitely helps with my dark spots. My old ones had instantly lightened during my first use. They’re really small now, except for the places where I always get my breakouts. It might not have erased them completely or made them like really really less visible, but the fact that it lightens instantly made this product sky rocket to my eyes. I use this at night and a few drops goes a long way. I also find this essence affordable, price range and product performance wise. The only critique I could say about this product is that it’s a bit sticky, like when you use a facial mask but it doesn’t dry up. I’m currently half way through my bottle and I’m already planning on re-purchasing this.”

V&M Naturals CPC+G Oil (30ml), P350
Mitch, 25, Oily Skin: “I mix this oil with my Bare it All Cream and my and it makes my skin whiter and glowing. I also use this alone for my dark spots from my allergy, and all I can say is, it totally works! I’ve been using other products to whiten my dark spots, but nothing came close to this oil. A little goes a long way too! This bottle will surely last a couple of months. Worth it!”

Skinpotions Snowberry Cream, P450
Beatriz, 18, Combination Skin: “I love this product! I’ve only been using it for a week but it really lightened my dark spots! It also really helps with my acne. Besides that, my cheeks are super soft because of this! And I really love the smell; it smells so good. My skin isn’t completely clear yet though, since it’s probably going to be more difficult since I’m going through puberty, but it really has improved my skin so far and it met my expectations!”

C20 My Signature C Source, P899
Czarina, 23, Oily Skin: “I dealt with acne and its corresponding dark spots for a period of two years. I tried a lot of products but none of them worked as speedy and as efficient as this vitamin C serum. In my experience, I think My Signature C Source even works better and faster than Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution as apart from reducing dark spots it also PREVENTS the onset of new acne. I used to develop large pimples at an interval of about two weeks but after using this product for two months, I have seen a significant decrease in cystic acne. I still get pimples but minor ones that appear less often. Note that a drop of this serum is enough to cover the entire face with a few extra swipes on the neck so it’ll last a long while.”