It’s caught a bad rap over the years for adding shine where it isn’t wanted—but a beauty oil is actually your best bet for perfection. While other products sit on the surface of your skin, oils sink in almost immediately to feed it. Try one from the quartet below: each oil is 100% customer-approved and benefits the full skin-type spectrum.

Lumiere Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil, on sale at P999 (limited time only)
Tash, 27, Oily Skin: “I’ve been using cold-pressed rosehip seed oil now for a year, and honestly, I swear by it. It’s kind of got a very organic smell; some like it, some don’t. I honestly didn’t at first—it reminded me of linseed oil, which [in turn] reminded me of oil paints. But over the [past] year I’ve grown to be indifferent, especially because it does MAGIC TO MY FACE. I put it on as a night cream and dab a little extra around my eyes and nasolabial folds. I used to smoke (I quit 2 years ago) and I can safely say I’ve gain back the years I lost thanks to my rosehip and coconut oils.”
Yuhanne, 31, Combination Skin: “Been using this for 2 months now. Use it twice a day, even before makeup! I was so surprised as it does not grease up my face—it is easily absorbed by the skin. The best treat was when it lightened my dark under-eyes and dark spots. I’ve tried tons of products just to moisturize my face and most of them just worsen my whiteheads, but this did nothing to disappoint me. This is definitely a lifesaver.”

The Souq 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, P1,500
Eleanor, 29, Dry Skin: “This is the 2nd time I have bought Souq Organics argan oil and I love it! The container may be small but will last long if you only use it on your face. I just pump 1 or 2 drops on my fingers and blend it [over] my face. I have a very dry face and this works for me! It does not have the greasy feeling when applied. Your face will glow/shine just right. It won’t be too oily or too dry. If the smell bothers you, it would be good to combine this with beauty cream as what I do. I will repurchase again!”
Mary, 31, Oily Skin: “My HG argan oil! This is my night moisturizer. Although my skin is oily, it actually has reduced my oiliness during the day. Very light and easily absorbed by the skin. I already finished a bottle or two and will keep repurchasing until I don’t know when…maybe forever?”

V&M Tsubaki Oil, P800
Tina, 29, Sensitive Skin: “This super affordable facial oil is a must try, especially for dry skin types, as it is a superhero moisturizer. I use this at night after cleansing/toning to seal in the moisture and prevent further moisture loss at night. It smells like olive oil but the scent disappears shortly after application. It’s in a dropper format but is very runny. One drop goes a loooong way. I loooove the sheen it leave on my skin. Then I follow up with my favorite moisturizer and/or sleeping mask so I wake up with a super plump, nourished, healthy face.”
Jayvee, 25, Oily Skin: “I’m super lazy and used this about once a week when I first bought it. But now I use it regularly and it delivered results. I have pimple scars along my jaw line and dark marionette lines, [but] after using Tsubaki Oil every day for less than a month I noticed that these blemishes are not as pronounced as before!”

Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil, P1,350
Ana, Normal Skin: “I was initially unimpressed by this product, as I wasn’t seeing any outstanding benefits from using it during the first three moths of the year. However, as summer started, my skin started to rebel, drying, tightening, and even flaking from spending 80% of the day in air-conditioning. So despite its heaviness and slow absorption time, I tried including this essence oil in my morning skin care regimen and have never looked back. My [skin] feels less tight and dry if I use this in the day, even in freezing office temperatures. It also gives my face a slightly dewier finish, versus if I just used moisturizer.”
Patricia, 26, Normal Skin: “First off, the bottle is so dainty and precious that just the idea of using it already makes you happy. Then when you finally use it, you get doubly happy because it just smells amazing and your skin will feel so smooth and hydrated. Even with the price tag and my complaining that it’s a bit expensive, I know deep in my heart that as soon as I feel like my bottle is about to run out, I will panic and buy two more just to feel secure.”