And we do mean everything. From lip color to cheek color and occasionally, even lid color, these hard-working wonders single-handedly get your face on. Our customers can’t say enough about them!

Pixi by Petra MultiBalm, P650
Dinne, 42, Dry Skin: “These are great to use as they serve so much purpose. I love the brown one in Sheer Sculpt as it can be used for contouring, keeping my brows in place, bronzing, and lip color. It can also be used as an eyeshadow or an eyeshadow base. Love the versatility. It is very sulit.”
Paula, Dry Skin: “This just arrived today. Got mine in Watermelon Veil. I’m a fan of Pixi’s Tinted Brilliance Balm…so I was expecting similar results with this, but it’s much better because the creme to powder finish is gorgeous and quite subtle. Also the color of the cap doesn’t match the product color, which is much brighter, but when applied lightly and blended turns quite diffused and subtle, or if built up will give you more color. Again, I find this great for all-over-the-face use.”

3CE Lip Pigment, on sale at P644 (limited time only)
Dianne, 29, Combination Skin: “I love Mink Beige because I can use it as my overall face color for eyes, cheeks, and lips when I want a no-makeup makeup look. If you love going to the gym or going swimming but still want a hint of color, this product is for you because it stays put through water and sweat and a little goes a very long way!”
Abby, 26, Combination Skin: “I got this in Bright Orange and I am in love. A little goes a long way, and one tiny dot of this is enough to use as blush on your cheeks and even on your eyes. I find that it doesn’t have the same effect on my lips as it does in the photos and ads, but maybe that’s just because my lips are already really pigmented as they are. I just apply some concealer or BB cream and put maybe two layers of this on top and it turns out fine, like [an] orange popsicle [stain] on my lips.”

Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint, on sale at P178 (limited time only)
Carmela, 24, Oily Skin: “I’m a tamad girl at heart so I would only allot 5 minutes of my time for makeup per day unless it’s a special occasion. I only have time for my eyebrows, mascara, some powder, and tint so that I wouldn’t exceed the 5 minute mark. Since developing that routine, I have always sworn by this product which not only is easy to use and cheap, it gives me the fresh, K-pop girl look. It stays for hours on my cheeks and makes the ombre lips look achievable. ALSO, HELLO?? ITS SUPER CHEAP!!!”
Angela, 24, Combination Skin: “My favorite is the Shade 02. Whenever I feel like resting my skin from heavy makeup, I just swipe this tint onto my lips and cheeks…and there you go. Instant natural-looking Korean face! I can take a vacation in a faraway island with only this tint in my kikay kit!”

Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive!, P80
D, 28, Oily Skin: “Must-have! That’s the first thing I thought [about] this new baby of mine. I got Creamy Peach and I super love it. The scent is like melon. It tastes sweet. And the color…Wow…I super love it . I used it not only on my cheeks and lips, I sometimes use it as an eyeshadow as well. It works! I’m only starting to buy makeup at this age, and for beginners I highly recommend it. I’m also particular with my budget, [so] it’s a must-have, guys. Definitely buying other shades as well.”
Bella, 26, Dry Skin: “This lip and cheek stain is my kind of makeup because of its dual purpose. It’s handy; it has pigmented colors, too, so a single roll will go a long way; and the best [part] is it’s affordable! So easy to apply. This is definitely the Save version of ALL the lip and cheek stains available in the market.”