Do you lavish the same amount of care on your hair that you do on your face? Yeah, neither do we. But if you think about it, your hair is half your FOTD. Glossy locks in hair terms are like a radiant complexion in skin terms. And when those locks are soft and lustrous, you can bet the day’s going to be a good one. When they aren’t, well, that’s when you reach for one of the 10 shampoos below. Our customers have lathered ‘em up on bad hair days—and the transformation, we’re told, is real.

Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar, on sale at P800 (limited time only)
Ivy, 35: “A stylist recommended I use Davines Nounou shampoo last May 2016…And I wasn’t disappointed! From then on, I have been a fan of the brand. And boy, Authentic Cleansing Nectar is waaaaay better! I’ve never had my hair this soft before AND that’s without any conditioner or other hair products—just plain shampoo. It’s quite a bit of a miracle considering how damaged my hair is—which is fine and straight, by the way, not curly.”

Harnn Oriental Rose Revitalizing Shampoo, on sale at P792 (limited time only)
Mary, 37: “Love the scent on my hair! Even after a long grueling day, my hair still smells good. My husband thinks so, too, because he always compliments the scent of my hair even after cooking dinner! This also made my color-treated hair look lustrous and healthy!”

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo, P120
Wilma, 26: “First of all, it smells REALLY nice (hubby thought I sprayed perfume when [he] went [into] the shower after me). Second, it does not disappoint. It really does make my hair soft and tamed. Third, for some odd reason, when paired with the conditioner it sort of makes my hair straighter (I have a very unruly wavy hair). So, bottom line, this is something I will ALWAYS keep in the bathroom cabinet. Life saver!”

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo, P207
Denise, 27: “Smells great! My go-to shampoo when I feel like my hair needs the extra moisture and I’m too lazy to put on a hair mask. It gives that instant hot oil effect without spending too much time and effort. Makes my hair less frizzy and it brings back much-needed oil when I know I’ve been too rough with my scalp.”

Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo (Refill), P531
Claire, 31: “For the longest time, I struggled to find the best shampoo that would work for my very thick hair. Some would make my hair frizzy and look even more unmanageable. Others would do the complete opposite and make my hair feel limp and heavy. With this shampoo, though, I get soft, shiny hair, plus my dandruff went away. It smells so great too, not overly flowery or fruity like other shampoos.”

Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo (Refill), P531
Imma, 28: “I have frizzy and dry hair and I am too lazy to have it treated so I just rely on shampoos and conditioners. I picked up a bottle of this shampoo and I was surprised that it has kept my hair so behaved and it has minimized the frizz. I love how it feels in the shower, too. Definitely worth every peso!”

Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo, P459
Thea, 26: “This shampoo is totally awesome! The price is so affordable yet it really stays true to its promise. It has a very nice scent and the packaging is really lovely. It washed the impurities [out of] my hair but it did not make it dry. My hair became bouncy and healthy again.”

Kao Essential Auto Smooth Technology Shampoo (Moist Shiny), P545
Patricia, 20: “I am really fond of highlighting and coloring my hair, so much [so] that each strand would really feel and look dead. I [would] usually undergo Brazilian blowout treatments after intense hair coloring, until I found this shampoo. I tell you, it really does the trick!! I don’t need to have any treatments anymore because after every wash, my hair feels so much softer and it looks even brighter!”

Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo, P320
AM, 29: “When I want to free my hair from pollutants, harsh shampoo [formulas], and chemicals I always rest it with clarifying shampoo. This safe shampoo [cleanses] my scalp so [it feels] neat and breathable. My hair really feels alive and bouncy. My hair has been [moisturized] in every strand. The lather is decent, too. Really removes residue buildup on my scalp.”

Be Organic Argan Oil Shampoo, on sale at P315 (limited time only)
April, 25: “This is definitely a great find. Where have you been all my life? I’m already tired of the chemicals contained in commercial shampoos. This one removed my dandruff, strengthened my hair, and minimized my hair fall. It doesn’t dry my hair out. It makes my hair softer and shinier, thus healthier. It’s a bit pricey but every drop is worth it. A little bit goes a long way already. This liquid gold is precious.”