Nothing like a fresh paint job to get your tips ‘n’ toes on point! But when you can’t swing by the salon for a touch-up, DIY will have to do. Props to those who create their own nail art—us mere mortals, however, will settle for a clean slate. If everyday, office-friendly nails are your schtick, check out the neutrals our customers recommend.

Orly White Tips, P385
Kris, 30, Medium Skin: “I know that this shade must have been formulated for French tips but I loooove to use this for my whole nails, both fingers and toes! It’s so clean and fresh; it makes my mood always perky when I have this on. I look forward to my regular manicure and pedicure because I bring my own Orly White Tips bottle with me when I go to the salon to have my nails done. This truly is the perfect white shade for classy ladies out there who love to have the clean and polished look!”

Orly Cake Pop, P385
Michelle, 21, Fair Skin: “A nail polish you can rely on. Provides a smooth finish and does not easily break. Pinkish nude! It’s looks super clean and sleek. Perfect color for work. Gives you that demure look. Super easy to match with your outfits. I always put 2 coats for uniform and spa-beautiful nails.”

Bandi Shell Pink, P350
Beau, Medium Skin: “Bandi Shell Pink is such a chic color to wear on almost any occasion possible. I like how this color transforms the nails to a more refined look in just a few brush strokes. It is quite sheer though. You need around 3 to 4 coats for this color to become fully opaque. It is not streaky and dries quickly.”

Ciaté Iced Frappe, P575
Genevieve, 34, Fair Skin: “If only these beautiful colored Ciaté polishes [weren’t] that expensive, I’d get more colors! That being said, Iced Frappe is such a lovely pastel purple color with shine! Very feminine and sophisticated. Plus the ribbon on the bottle is cute, too! I love how it doesn’t streak. Color payoff is beautiful.”

Bandi Light Oak, P350
Jolle, 20, Fair Skin: “Love it! I was looking for a classy looking color for everyday wear since I don’t like wearing super bright colors on my nails. Then I saw this. I was hesitating at first but why not try, so I did! And now I’m in love! <3 <3 <3 It makes my hands look more fresh and young!”

Bandi Oatmeal Beige, P350
Samantha, 24, Fair Skin: “Beige is such a pretty color to wear because it is white but not as white as pure white. Oatmeal Beige goes on gorgeously and makes my nails look clean and neat. This is definitely office-perfect. As with all Bandi polishes, this also lasts long. I got through 1.5 weeks without chipping!”

Kleancolor Sheer Pastel Brown, on sale at P150
Candice, Medium Skin: “I love the color! It’s more of a cream/nude shade really than pastel brown. It makes my hands/nails look clean and dainty. Perfect for someone like me who is averse to loud colors for nail polish. Best of all is that I just got it for P150 because of the sale, so now I don’t have to pay extra when going to the salon for the color that I want.”

Girl Stuff Machiatto, P100
Jamie, 25, Medium Skin: “I am so in love with this color. It’s like a nude lipstick for the nails and it complements just about everything. The Girl Stuff nail polish doesn’t chip easily compared to cheaper brands and it does not damage my nails after wearing it which some polish tend to do.”

Pop Beauty Bare Tease, P495
Jan, 19, Medium Skin: “This shade is perfect for my feet since what it does is just that it gives a natural looking color on my toenails making it easy for me to wear sandals since I don’t have to match it up with the sandals’ color. This doesn’t chip off easily as well which is definitely a plus!”

Orly Country Club Khaki, P385
Patricia, 21, Medium Skin: “This is my absolute favourite neutral polish. I find that it’s flattering for all skin types and doesn’t make your skin tone look washed out. It’s beautiful!”