What good is a fancy, face-perfecting foundation without the proper wand to apply it? No good, that’s what. The brush you wield can spell the difference between skin-like coverage and cake-face. It’s so important, makeup artists actually collect different brushes to match with different formulas, even if the difference is on a molecular level.

Don’t worry, our customers will walk you through the science of it all! They’re daily makeup artists in their own right—and they say these 10 foundation brushes are the crème de la crème.

Ecotools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush, P350
Pamela, Normal Skin: “Very happy with this brush which I use mostly for applying liquid foundations and concealers. Does a great job in providing even coverage. Feels super gentle on the skin, I can buff my face even without any product [on it]. I am no makeup expert and I must say that this is very easy to use and does not cause any cheek irritation.”

Soffia Beauty Opulence Perfect Skin Foundation Brush, on sale at P600 (limited time only)
Bernadette, 22, Combination Skin: “I love using this product with my L’Oréal Super Blendable True Match Foundation. Though it’s smaller than what I expected it to be, it still delivers seamless application and that is what’s important for me. It makes foundation application so much easier with its dense and super soft hairs.”

PRO Studio Expert Class Foundation Oval 2 Brush, on sale at P490 (limited time only)
Christiene, 19, Normal Skin: “This picks up product better than [other] makeup brushes in my opinion. [Foundation] glides on smoother and gives an overall look [of] better coverage, which is key for me since I have a lot of hyperpigmentations that are just too hassle for me to go over with concealer one by one! [I] thought at first I had to replace my foundation to [get] better coverage, but nah, this brush is good enough!”

Real Techniques Foundation Brush, P560
AM, Combination Skin: “I have my foundation brush from the Real Techniques Travel Kit but I still [wanted] to have this. This feels so right when I tried [it with] liquid and cream foundations. This left my skin with an airbrushed effect. I got so many compliments on my makeup and they find me so stunning.”

Clover Collection Large Duo Fiber Brush, P440
Exequiel, 24, Combination Skin: “This brush is heaven-sent! The bristles are super soft and it feels so good on the face. This is perfect if you want to achieve an airbrushed look using liquid foundation. Just do the stippling motion and you’ll get the perfect base. This is also perfect for applying your blush as it gives the most natural finish, and you get to avoid being heavy-handed when applying your blush! The best part is that it’s super affordable! Awesome!”

Ecotools Flat Foundation Brush, P350
Jemelie, 31: “I have been using this for almost a month now and I am loving it! [The] brush is so soft and does not shed. I clean my brush at least once a week and this brush still looks and performs as if it was brand new! I love how easily you can apply foundation and it has very little product retention.”

DETAIL Oval Brush for Foundation, P199
Romina, Sensitive Skin: “This brush has already replaced my flat-top kabuki brush as my go-to foundation brush. It is very soft and dense, and it blends the product very well upon application. It is also very flexible; I can reach all nooks and crannies when applying my BB creams and foundation. This has also been the easiest brush for me to use. There is no shedding and it dries thoroughly in less than an hour. So inexpensive for a top-grade product. I have already purchased another one for backup.”

PRO Studio Perfect Skin Foundation Brush, on sale at P390 (limited time only)
Josepha, 33, Dry Skin: “It’s the first time I encountered a brush with a hollow or fluid reservoir in the middle. For those unfamiliar with it, basically, you put a few drops of liquid foundation or BB cream [in] the hollow and sweep it on the face in circular motions. It made makeup application faster and mess-free for me. The [bristles] are soft and helped achieve a flawless face.”

Brush Work Kabuki Foundation Makeup Blender Brush, on sale at P399 (limited time only)
Dara, 19, Oily Skin: “This brush is so soft and cute but it still does its job! I use this brush to blend my cream and liquid foundations, and this brush blends them into [a natural-looking finish on] my skin. It doesn’t eat up any product, which I’m happy with, and it also doesn’t shed while I buff my foundation into my skin, which just means that this brush is not cheap. Definitely worth the money!”

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, P650
Fleur, 24, Combination Skin: “I love how [well] this brush blends my liquid foundation on my face. There are no brush streaks noted on my face after using this expert brush. My foundation looks flawless…like skin, thanks to this brush. This is a must-have among women who love makeup. I’ve been using this brush for a month now and it still seems like it’s new because of how dense it is. TOTALLY A RECOMMENDABLE MAKEUP BRUSH!”