"Thorough cleansing at night is a MUST," Patty declares. Here she is with her current makeup-removing stash! A few nights ago I had a nightmare. It was so horrible I woke up panting! I dreamt that I had a long photo shoot and went straight to bed immediately after—without washing my face. In the dream, I woke up the next morning with smeared makeup and a face filled with zits and rashes, which led me to do a Macaulay Culkin Home Alone scream! And that cued my actual return to reality, as I woke up in my own bed. Of course I told my husband about it and he looked at me like, “What?! That was a nightmare?!” Oh, women, and our issues!

It may sound like another frivolous step, but thorough cleansing at night is a MUST. I can only imagine the beating my skin has to endure each time I have to pile on makeup for a shoot, formal occasion, or hosting engagement. The layers of products laid like heavy bricks on my face, one over the other—from primer to foundation, blush to contour, finishing powders, and a bajillion other products! I love makeup and the boost it gives me when I have it on—but I also understand the importance of taking it all off before bedtime.

It’s been said a thousand times before: never go to bed with makeup on! And never means never. The same goes for low maintenance days. Cleansing should be just as thorough, especially since we are still exposed to pollutants and other harsh elements during the day.

I suggest investing in a heavy duty cleansing agent that can serve as the skincare step prior to your trusted facial wash. A facial wash can only do so much for your skin—it’s meant to cleanse, but not deep enough to take away long-lasting makeup, SPF, and other product residue. A makeup cleanser strips all of the gunk away, leaving your face prepped for the facial wash to do its wonders on a blank canvas.

That said, here are my top picks available here on BeautyMNL!
L-R: RMK's Cleansing Oil, Mizon's So Clean Cleansing Water, and DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil 1. RMK’S CLEANSING OIL
This smells like mint chocolate—so for that alone, I’m sold! Seriously though, this is a heavy duty cleansing oil that really takes away all the grime. Take a few drops and apply right onto your dry face. Massage thoroughly so the oil can really melt away all the stubborn makeup. Then close your eyes and wash it all away with water! Note: For waterproof mascara, you might need to use a separate waterproof makeup remover.

This is perfect for everyday use. It’s gentle enough for low-maintenance days when you just have SPF and light makeup on. Simply place a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe away all the dirt in a few sweeps. I also use this product to fix makeup mistakes during application. Just dip a cotton bud into the cleansing water and use it to “erase” smears and botches.

This remover is similar to RMK’s Cleansing Oil but comes in a small bottle that’s perfect for travel. It also does the trick for both light and heavy makeup. Worried that the cleansing oil might aggravate your oily skin? Don’t. This oil is specially formulated to melt away the dirt without adding to your sebum production.

And there you have it! Hope you find a makeup cleanser that’s perfect for your skin type and needs, just like I did!

Selfie courtesy of Patty Laurel-Filart