As reasonable as it sounds to clock in a full night’s rest to reverse dark under-eyes, sadly there’s much more to it. No matter how many hours of sleep you get, fatigue really isn’t all to blame here—even if it is the most common cause. In fact, it’s possible that the dreaded panda eyes you’re dealing with stem from reasons you have yet to discover, like allergies, dehydration, thinning skin, or genetics.

Recently, it seems the topic has also found its way into our Community section, with user Ivy F. asking the following question:
We’ve talked in-depth about Vitamin C before, like what to consider before buying a serum, to why you need it in a morning routine. But if we’re talking Vitamin C as an ingredient, which is widely known to be unstable, it makes us wonder if it’s really safe.

After doing some digging (and falling deep down the Reddit rabbit hole), we found that there were a number of takes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) on how to approach the different causes of dark under-eyes—with a few believing that nothing could be done. But for the most part, rejoice: the most promising and all-around fix did seem to point towards Vitamin C.
A quick refresher, for those unfamiliar: Vitamin C protects with antioxidants, helps with skin brightening, and boosts collagen production, making it one of the best defenses against dark circles. It does so by strengthening the naturally thin, delicate eye area by building collagen, restoring the skin’s elasticity and resiliency.

This study, in particular, concluded that Vitamin C can improve dark circles of the lower eyelid by thickening the skin and conceal discoloration due to congested blood. And because Vitamin C contains properties said to interfere with abnormal pigment production, it helps when rubbing, fluid retention, and lack of sleep can contribute to the appearance of dark circles, too.
It’s a convincing case, if you ask us. And after going through a mix of videos, studies, and real life experiences (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), it seems that we’re definitely late to the party on this one. Which is why we asked Sam from the BeautyMNL HQ if she’d like to test this brightening trick out for herself. Luckily enough, she did. Here’s what happened.


Since Vitamin C in its most potent form (L-ascorbic acid) is known to be unstable and irritating in high doses, we asked Sam to use the Danni Parcca Waterfall Vitamin C Collagen Booster Serum. Made with a stable Vitamin C derivative called Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP), this should be compatible with Sam’s dry, reactive skin.
While the potency level for SAP is said to be around 55% (compared to L-Ascorbic acid’s 100%), you won’t have to worry about the formulation oxidizing as quickly, nor whether it will feel irritable, all thanks to its ability to absorb at a higher pH level.

Instead, this serum will slowly deliver small doses of the Vitamin C’s benefits without overwhelming the skin, which is important considering the eye area is thin and extra delicate. What’s more, this serum is rich in hyaluronic acid, which is naturally hydrating and enhanced by Vitamin C.

Now, for this test, Sam will be applying the serum every night for two weeks. Any photos taken to keep track of progress as the days go by will feature Sam without base makeup. And lastly, we asked if she could share about the total experience with us and what she liked most about the outcome. So without further ado, scroll ahead to see the results.
My skin type is dry, and I would usually apply this at night before my moisturizer. The serum feels very rich and hydrating, especially since the skin around my eyes are very sensitive. Personally, I’m not sure if I noticed a brightening effect, you tell me. if there was, I wouldn’t say it’s drastic. Maybe applying in the morning and evening for a longer period of time would help, it’s too soon to tell.
My dark under-eyes are definitely because of genetics, my whole family has them—even my cousins—so maybe that’s a factor. I’ll try it on for a longer period of time to see. But I especially like how this makes my under-eyes feel. Like the tightness on my skin after I cleanse feels relieved when I apply this serum.” - Sam C.
If you would like to give this a try, you can shop the Waterfall Vitamin C Collagen Booster Serum at only P600. You can also discover more Danni Parcca essentials right here.

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