“You look tired,” is a phrase I hear a lot. Although it’s laced with concern, it also insinuates that I haven’t slept very well. When, in actuality, I’ve clocked in 8 hours of shut-eye. Chalk it up to my seemingly permanent under-eye circles, which often leave me with an overall look of exhaustion.

It’s probably why I’m always trying out products that will unpack the cargo underneath my eyes. One such product I came across was the jade roller:
Crafted of the precious rock long prized in ancient Chinese practices, it claims to promote a youthful-looking complexion and counter negative qi. While science hasn’t come to a conclusion on the latter, the contraption isn’t founded entirely on mysticism. Users say the jade roller actually lives up to its promises of improving the appearance.

Loyalists proclaim rolling it over the face assists in clearing out lymphatic waste as the naturally cool jade reduces the look of puffiness and physical fatigue. As a person with no luck slapping on lotions and slathering potions or creams, a jade roller was just the kind of magic I was willing to try. And since we’re all stuck at home during these quarantined times anyway, some extra self-care can’t hurt.

Only question is, would it actually work? I put it to a one-week test! Read on for my verdict, plus a quick how-to.


STEP 1: Start with clean, moisturized skin. Roll from the chin towards the hairline with firm yet comfortable motions. PRO TIP: Keep your jade roller in the fridge to amplify its cooling sensation.
STEP 2: Move up towards the nose, rolling from the side of your nose towards your ear.
STEP 3: Using the smaller end of the roller, roll out from the inner corner of the eye towards the temples.
STEP 4: Use the larger end of the roller again. Place the roller over the eyebrow, and roll towards the temples.

STEP 5: Roll from the middle of the eyebrows and up towards the forehead.
STEP 6: Finish by rolling the middle of the forehead towards the temples again.

And there you have it—bye, puffiness!


After a week of using the jade roller, I noticed a slight difference in my appearance: I had a brighter flush and my under-eye circles were less puffy. While the difference wasn’t major, it certainly was a step up from what I usually look like. I’m sure that if I were using it for a longer period of time, I could see even more of a change.

In the beginning, I thought jade-rolling would feel like an unnecessary step in my skincare routine. But I actually ended up looking forward to it. The feeling of rolling something cool over my face was super relaxing—and almost in itself a mini-meditation. While I can’t say it was from the powers of the jade stone, I felt a little better every time I did it.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to amp up their skincare routine or work through any stress or tension. Either way, it’s an instant pick-me-up for you and your skin.

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