Sticking to a budget is no walk in the park, but you don’t always have to sacrifice quality for a friendlier price tag. Proof: these sensible, bankable buys that go for less than P200!

1. Be Organic Bath & Body Luscious Argan Oil Soap, now on sale at P135* This handcrafted beauty bar will have you lathering in luxury. The argan oil in it helps slow the aging process, giving you more supple skin every time you soap up. Shop it here.

2. Carmex Original Squeeze Tube, P139 No lip balm has reached such great heights as the Carmex Original. Formulated with cocoa butter and camphor, this multi-purpose salve locks moisture into chapped lips and other dry patches. Shop it here.

3. Red Cherry Lashes #213, P160 If you ain’t got it, fake it! These falsies feature rounded, medium-length strands made from 100% human hair. So while the dollish end result may be “enhanced,” it’s all pretty much natural. Shop it here.

4. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, P170 If you’ve never heard of hydrocolloid patches, prepare to be amazed. These spot-correcting stickers heal blemishes in a matter of hours. They soothe redness, absorb deep-rooted impurities, and clear you up faster than a visit to the derma. Shop it here.

5. Holika Holika Olive Makeup Remover, P195 Lashes thinning out because of waterproof mascara? This mild makeup remover melts all the stubborn stuff away so you never have to rub too hard to get super-clean. Shop it here.

6. Nippon Pro Blend Sponge Cleaner, P180 Brushes and sponges are a feeding ground for bacteria. Keep ‘em hygienic with this antibacterial cleanser. It washes away makeup residue, dried-up oil, and dirt for germ-free application. Your tools will always feel like new, too! Shop it here.

7. Holika Holika 24Hr Auto Eyebrow, P195 This unique square-cut pencil will cut your brow-grooming time in half. The angled tip outlines the shape of your brows and shades them in easily, while the spoolie on the other end blends everything to perfection. Shop it here.

8. Cascade 6 Hole Lipstick Holder, P149 We love how this nifty lipstick holder is shaped like a gun cylinder. With its six round holes, you can now display your most prized bullets in style. Shop it here.

9. TreSEMMÉ Hair Styling Extra Hold, P189 This strong-hold spray keeps your hair sleek, no matter how high-maintenance it is. Best of all, it lets your mane move! Bye-bye frizz, flyaways, and that hard, crunchy feeling. Shop it here.

10. Travelmate Digital Accessories Bag, P149 It’s impossible to make a mess in this practical organizer. Designed to be sturdy and pack away bric-a-brac, this pouch keeps all your wires and gadgets in one safe place. Shop it here.