So you want to lose weight? It’s not going to be easy, especially when you can’t resist the siren song of your refrigerator. (The temptation is real.) But put down that cookie, girl—don’t throw caution to the wind just yet! Because we’ve found an interesting way to control the hangriest tummies: essential oils.
Stay with us; we’ll explain. According to research, some essential oils actually curb your appetite. So the idea is to sniff one of these suppressants whenever you feel the urge to binge. They won’t burn the calories for you, but they will keep you from consuming those calories, which is a big help on its own. Take it or leave it—we’re just reporting the facts!

In case you’re interested, here are three essential oils to start with. Who knows, they might just help you with your #bodygoals.


Bergamot is known not only as a skin purifier but also as a weight loss aid. It contains large amounts of a compound called polyphenol, which lessens the production of blood fats and promotes a healthy metabolism. Bergamot’s fresh scent also helps curb cravings and boosts energy.

APPLICATION: Add a few drops into your morning bath water and inhale deeply. Soon, you’ll be energized and ready for a workout.

TRY: Beryl Essentials Bergamot Essential Oil, P189


D-Limonene is what makes lemon so effective at shedding unwanted weight. It’s a natural fat dissolver and a weight gain suppressor. Lemon essential oil is also a detoxifying and regenerating agent that boosts your mood and immune system. Like bergamot, its scent can help curb unhealthy cravings.

APPLICATION: Rub some of the oil on your wrists and (oddly enough) on the soles of your feet.

TRY: Milea All Organics 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil, P435


Peppermint goes way beyond your Christmas candy. It has an appetite-controlling, energy-boosting menthol scent that will complement your weight loss efforts. This essential oil eases indigestion and helps release gas. Naturally uplifting, it also helps prevent the occurrence of emotional binge-eating.

APPLICATION: Dab the oil on your wrists before your morning run to make you run longer. You may diffuse it throughout your room to calm yourself down. Otherwise, just sniff it straight off your wrist.

TRY: DoTerra Peppermint Touch, P1190

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