At one point or another, every girl’s bound to find herself in a beauty quandary. That’s why we need life hacks: simple fixer-uppers that get us out of a jam in the most efficient (and often, unexpected) way. Below, find our 5 fave lip tips, gleaned from experts all over the Interwebs. After we tried them, we couldn’t help but say, “Why didn’t we think of that?!”
1. ALWAYS GETTING LIPSTICK ON YOUR TEETH? After applying color, make an O-shape with your lips, stick your index finger your mouth, then carefully draw it out. This will wipe off any excess lipstick coating the inside of your lips, so your teeth stay smear-free.

Photo: Wikihow
2. DOES YOUR LIPSTICK WEAR OFF WAY TOO QUICKLY? A touch of translucent powder will help it stay put, the same way it works with the rest of your makeup. Swipe on the first coat of lipstick and blot your lips. Then, press in a little powder with a brush or sponge. Finally, apply the second coat of color. Not a fast enough fix for you, busy girl? Try a lip sealer like this or this.

Photo: The Beauty Department
3. SO YOUR FAVORITE LIPPIE BROKE? Don’t toss the broken piece! Use a lighter to heat what’s left in the tube, then press the piece back into place. Seal the two segments together by briefly running the lighter over their meeting point. To set, stick the tube in your fridge for half an hour.

Photo: Buzzle
4. DO YOUR LIPS FLAKE NO MATTER HOW MUCH BALM YOU USE? Use a toothbrush to gently slough off the chapped skin. You can do this every night, right after you brush your teeth. Or keep a lip scrub on your bathroom counter so you don’t skip out on this nightly ritual.

Photo by Jonas Bergsten via Wikimedia Creative Commons
5. JUST RAN OUT OF NUDE LIPSTICK? Use your foundation or concealer as a quick substitute. Just apply the product to your lips with your finger or a brush. You may choose to keep the look matte or dab sheer gloss on top. And there you have it: barely-there lips.

Photo by Maria Morri via Wikimedia Creative Commons. Cover image of broken lipstick via