Every girl needs her own beauty survival kit—and if you’ve yet to build yours, here’s where to start. Stock these five beauty essentials to solve an array of problems, from a run in your stockings to color-fading at your roots. Yup, just five. We wouldn’t be surprised if you already have some of these things lying around the house!
1. Run in your stockings? Spray it immediately to stop it in its tracks.
2. Lint on your clothes? Generously spritz a rag with product and rub it over the lint to remove it.
3. Permanent marker on your shirt? First, wet it with water. Then, spritz a rag with product until very damp and use it to blot the stain. Gently now!
4. Static in your hair, on your arms, or somewhere on your outfit? Just spray it down.

WE LIKE: Bedhead TIGI’s Masterpiece Hair Spray and Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray
5. Snagged your sweater? Keep the thread from unraveling further by twisting it into a knot and painting over it with topcoat.
6. Hate tarnished costume jewelry? Laminate your pieces with a coat of polish to slow down the rusting process.
7. Button coming off? Keep it in place for the rest of the day by dabbing polish over the loose thread.
8. Bubbles appearing in your manicure? Tips prone to chipping? One coat solves both problems.

WE LIKE: Seche’s Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat, Girlstuff’s Fast Dry Topcoat, and Ciaté’s Speed Coat
9. Foundation caking in the middle of the day? Use a good brush loaded with sheer powder to even it out.
10. Piled on your blush by accident? A dusting of powder should diffuse the color.
11. Face a little orange due to self-tanner? Temper the effect with your handy-dandy powder.
12. Shiny T-Zone? Sheer powder was made for instant oil control.

WE LIKE: Banila Co.’s Prime Primer Finish Powder and Glambox’s High Definition Finishing Powder
13. Can’t wipe off waterproof eyeliner? Baby oil works well as a makeup remover.
14. Got mascara on your eyelids? Dip a cotton bud into the oil and use it to clean up the smudge.
15. Brittle cuticles? Rub oil into them to ease the dry, cutting effect.
16. Cracked feet? Oil ‘em up after work for softer soles.

WE LIKE: By Nature’s Baby Oilotion
17. Too busy/tired/lazy to wash your hair? This is the quickest way to clean locks.
18. Applied too much hair product? Alleviate the heavy feeling and get rid of residue with a spritz of dry shampoo at your roots.
19. Hair too limp to hold style? Dry shampoos have an instant volumizing effect.
20. Roots need to be redone? Keep the color from fading even more with a spritz—dry shampoo is a color extender!

WE LIKE: So many! Try Toni & Guy’s Dry Shampoo, TRESemmé’s Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, or Made By David Organics’ Orange-Vanilla concoction.

Illustrations by Carli Dagdag